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Train Ferry At The End Of The Line?

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6 Sep 2012
Not sure that this is the right forum but some might be interested in the future of the last cross channel train ferry. Nigel Scutt posted this on the Dover Marina facebook page
Just what is it about the Nord pas de Calais? Withdrawn from service for sometime now, she has languished at Dunkerque with an uncertain future. I say languished, but in reality she has always continued to look smart and on three visits, there always appeared to be maintenance work going on. She was always an interesting and popular vessel, her unique and stark profile hinting at her purposeful design and capability. All too soon of course, she became a freighter, but I think it's fair to say without doubt, she has always been "the train ferry" and as I say, a tremendously popular ship.

With news breaking recently that her registry had changed to Cyprus, it looked like, for a while at least, she was heading for the breakers beach. Happily, it would now appear she is to see further service on the Algeciras - North Africa run, possibly for Spanish operator FRS.

Quite fitting I thought. She can see out the twilight of her days, semi-retired in the Spanish sunshine, a bit like me in fact! What a great excuse it will make for another Gibraltar trip, to see her in her new colours. Good old NPDC, we all love you! smile emoticon

There is some information on Nord Pas-de-Calais here and some photos here
Not open for further replies.