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Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by GearJammer, 21 Oct 2011.

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  1. GearJammer

    GearJammer On Moderation

    12 Nov 2009
    On the Southern
    Hi all, does anyone know what it takes or how you go about being a train painter/sprayer? Is it a sought after job, is it well paid, is it something anybody can do or does it take training and/or experiance?
    When i left school i worked briefly in a car bodyshop doing a small amount of spraying/prep work masking etc but was wondering if this work is usefull if i should consider a career change, repainting cars does'nt interest me, but trains, that i could be interested in.
    Is painting trains any harder/easier than cars?

    Any feed back or info on the topic in general would be usefull and interesting.


    (sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum, and i'll be posting the same question on WNXX to get a wider audiance/feedback.)
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  3. asylumxl

    asylumxl Established Member

    12 Feb 2009
    Hiding in your shadow
    Most trains are given a lick of paint at the factory they are produced. Unfortunately, most trains are not repainted, but rather just have vinyls laid over them. If you are interested in designing liveries, I think you'd be better persuing something to do with graphics design or vinyl wraps.
  4. rail-britain

    rail-britain Established Member

    12 Aug 2007
    Even with vinyls the edges and panels have to be painted, either by hand or spray, before the vinyls are applied
    Equally, many TOC / RoSCo now use external providers for this, and they complete the whole process
    Sadly the number of such positions will be very low but if working for such a company it won't just be trains you paint!
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