Train photos needed for charity calendar


22 Jan 2021
The Railway Benefit Fund are looking for photos for their 2022 charity calendar ‘Names & Trains.’ The theme of the calendar is trains that have iconic names e.g. The Flying Scotsman, or Avanti Progress. Those whose images are selected to feature in the calendar will also receive a free copy.

It's that time of year again for us to start looking for images for our calendar! The theme for our 2022 RBF Calendar is 'Names and Trains'

We'd love for you to send in your images of trains that have famous names e.g. The Flying Scotsman, Progress, or even the RBF Pendolino! Please submit your image using the form below, or send your image to [email protected]

Make sure to include your name, the date and location of the photo, and the name of the train in the picture. We will then pick our favourite 12 photos, and those who submitted them will receive a free copy of the calendar!
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