Trainz, looking for surveyors.

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5 Jul 2005
Hello everyone.

Now then, I am aware there are alot of people doing routes on their own or with a friend. Now these are very good.

What I'm planning on doing is building the Huddersfield - Leeds route on trainz.
There would be two groups on two people.
Group 1 (my group) will be building Leeds station, building half way.

Group 2 would be maybe for less experienced people, this is Huddersfield to half way, mainly two tracks.

I will be providing aerial screenshots, shots from the station etc etc so the team can get it SPOT on.

The route will be deciated to the TPE 158's which are being removed from service.

before people ask me when it's going to be done:
The route has no time limit, it is not coursework thus we take as much time as we need
I know for a fact stations will not be passenger enabled but will feature permanent passengers on the platform.

I will try to keep downloads to a minimum..

Anyone interested?
Not open for further replies.