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27 Feb 2013
Can anyone please explain the meaning of the sign showing a black triangle in a white circle. I looked through a catalogue of signs but could not find it.

These appear to be multiplying all over the network. From videos that have been put online in the last two years or so, I have noted just the following few examples (there are many more).

Leaving Lime Street towards Edge Hill, there are some beside the slow or Chat Moss lines. There's one north of Market Harborough travelling down the Midland main line. On the WR, there are two after Taunton East junction travelling up towards Cogload. And two on the down Cotswold line after Honeybourne, travelling towards Worcester. On the LMR western lines, there are two in the down Soho Goods Loop after Soho North Junction and before Smethwick Rolfe Street.

My guess is that they either mean "apply sand" or "do not apply sand". I hope someone on this forum will know. Thanks in anticipation.
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23 Dec 2011
Is it this one?
It means ‘rear clear’.
It means the rear of your train is clear of the signal/ground position signal, neutral section or it can be used in a platform that would have an A or a B end. (For permissive working)
The GWML has them everywhere!
A typical use of this is: a train would shunt behind a signal to turn back. So the driver doesn’t go too far during the movement, the driver would stop at the rear clear board. In this example pic it has 5. Meaning it will accommodate 5 coaches between that board and the signal. If the train is longer, the train would proceed to the next board if there is one. Upon coming to a stop, the driver changes ends to do the next part of the journey.

Another use of this board means the train is clear of a neutral section. Meaning the driver can take power again after coasting.


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29 Apr 2018
Means 'rear clear'. You'll see them with different formation numbers eg 4, 8, 12 etc. You'll stop at the corresponding one for your set up. Can be placed where you need to be clear of a junction for shunting. For example, there's some in our depot for when we're clear of the wash.
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