Trivia: 'Comprehensive' list of railway experiences in the world

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9 Feb 2021
Dear railway enthusiasts,

I am an associate of, a site for travellers who want to explore the whole world, as we divided it in 1301 regions. Personally, I used to be a railway fan (my dad worked in a raliway company), but since I have a family, it is way easier, and usually cheaper, to travel by (rental) car.

On the site we created many categories for "things to see and do", such as cities, world of nature, temples, treks, caves, museums etc. One of them is railway transport category, where we tried to put the following:

- Iconic Train Stations
- Major Experiences by Train per Country (if a country has any passenger railways, it should have 'railway experience' on the list)
- Major Heritage Railways
- All Metro Systems Currently Available
- Selected Trams (criteria: age, route length, unique features, uniqueness in country)
- Selected Funiculars and Cable Cars

The list so far counts 1585 items, but is far from being complete. I cannot paste such a long list here, but it can be found under this link:

The problem is that the list was created by one person. We would like to improve and expand it and that's why I found this forum. I already found here some great ideas (eg. "unappreciated" Scenic Routes or Favourite non-UK station threads), but if anybody could have a look and send their suggestions, that would be much appreciated. Suggestions can be sent directly on site without registration, but also here or via PM. Thanks in advance!
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24 Jan 2009
For your info, visiting that page on a Mac 10.15.7 with Chrome 88.0.4324.150 produces a spinning logo, and no content.


17 Oct 2013
Nearly al metro+tram systems worldwide can be found on the site of Has schematic maps too and for most systems some general info in how to travel-ticketing/paying etc. The author also publishes printed books/atlases for countries that have a lot of such systems.
Nevertheless I am always interested in sites like yours so will have a thorough look at it. Tripadvisor and the like and the lonelyplanet-set on pause since corona came, are a bit too mainstream.
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