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Trivia - favourite food things

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4 Feb 2013
One of those sleepless night posts, something I started on Twitter earlier but thought I'd bring to the forum too.

Basically you have free reign to create your favourite food item from the following list - I've been inspired for this by some places I've visited, or places my friends have been to and just been inspired.

Anything goes so long as it fits in the category - be as detailed as you can, so we can try and envisage what's on your plate. It can be something you've had, something you've designed yourself/cooked at home or something you've always wanted to try.

I'll add mine once I've hopefully got some sleep in a few hours!

Here we go:

1) Starter - having arrived at your restaurant, you have choice of anything for starter; nothing necessarily connected to your main; what are you fancying?
2) Burger - meat type, accompaniments, bread, salad, etc
3) Pie - what you putting in? Mash, peas and gravy or you want other veg?
4) Pub Meal - usually loads of choice - sometimes basic stuff, or you get some posh nosh
5) Curry - you like them spicy or mild? Poppadoms? Side dishes, standard korma or something not usually seen on the menu? Meat choice, or even fish can be popular.
6) Chinese or other oriental - strictly sweet and sour chicken, or have you a taste for Vietnamese/Japanese food - is it restaurant or street food?
6a) Takeaways - obviously part of British cuisine nowadays, is there a particular takeaway which tantalises your tastebuds when you fancy a night off cooking?
7) Roast of the Day - what's your dream roast? What veg you having with it?
8) Italian - pasta, pizza, etc - the world is your oyster, so many possibilities here!
9) Other - so something not listed above (Mexican, Carribean, French, Greek, Tapas, etc) - be inventive, what else would you want to try?
10) Dessert - you need something to finish, what's it going to be?

Then finally, what one thing makes your stomach dance when you see it on a menu or on your plate? A particular meat on the specials board, a vegetable, etc?

Really interested to see what different foodstuffs come out here!

Feel free to post links to menus to try and inspire others too!
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Had a few hours kip, so here we go:

1) Starter - I love goats cheese, so something incorporating that would go down well. On a bed of beef tomato and bacon or parma ham with balsamic vinegar and a light salad - almost bruschetta style.

2) Burger - definitely beef, or mainly beef - you can home-make them with a bit of pork, apple, herbs, etc to increase the moisture content, as it has to be moist. Can be marinated in a BBQ glaze whilst cooking - can never be too dry. I like my burgers with minimal salad - a bit of onion and a big chunk of tomato (beef again is good) - some relish, or similar is good. Finish it with either a potato rosti or a chunk of pineapple. The bread must be firm but fresh.

3) Pie - definitely taking inspiration from here - my local pie pub restaurant. They serve 50 different pies, I've had 9 of them to date. My favourite to date being the Iberian, Appaloosa and Zanskiri! Suffolk Punch will probably be my next one, as that's one which has been on my list for a while. One thing they don't have on is a Chinese themed pie, which I have suggested, but they are adding two new pies to their menu at the next taster evening. I like their pies with mash, mushy peas and gravy!

4) Pub Meal - I aren't a massively posh eater, so your lobster, etc can stay in the sea! I'm more a traditional pub grub guy, so cottage pie, hunters chicken, X of the day (roast, pie, curry, etc) - I had recently a sizzling chicken dish with peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc which was delicious as well.

5) Curry - I never used to eat curries, I was probably 20 before I had first one from here, and I only went back a few weeks ago with my parents to try it again after 10+years! No other reason than it isn't in the town where I live, but it isn't a massive distance away. My first dish was the Bindiya Chicken - but since that I've tried everything on the scale from Korma to Vindaloo. I'm settled on medium curries, or flavoursome milder curries. The experience for me is the poppadoms and accompanying dishes, so things like pakoras, bhajis, chaats, aloos, etc are an essential part of the feast. So, I'd take a pretty standard dish (chicken dupiaza, saag, balti, etc) with rice and add 2-3 side dishes to go with it, usually with a garlic naan bread.

6) Chinese/Other Oriental - I've tried Thai food, but my experience is limited pretty much to just a simple Thai Green curry - it wasn't unpleasant, but we have very little exposure to that kind of food round us. Chinese food, again I like the side dishes (prawn crackers, spring rolls, etc) - the duck rolls in the hoi sin sauce are again very nice followed by a reasonably standard dish - chicken in a sauce (sweet and sour, satay, cantonese, OK, etc)

6a) Takeaways - curry or a chinese really, not a huge kebab fan. Pizza, Calzone or a Parmesan are OK too.

7) Roast - has to be chicken (breast), beef or turkey. Yorkie, stuffing, roasties, carrots, peas, parsnips, cauliflower, broccoli, etc with lashings of gravy. Typical sauces (horseradish, cranberry, etc) - even like apple and mint sauce regardless of whether it goes with the meat!

8) Italian - favourite pizza is actually rather plain - ham and pineapple; prefer a thin base. Our local restaurant does a great cheese and tomato garlic bread. Pasta - not an egg fan, so any pasta has to be more minimal than lasagne or canneloni style dishes - can get away with penne, etc. Sauces generally I prefer tomato style with bits of meat (meatballs, ham, bacon, chicken, etc) with a few bits of veg (peppers, onion, peas, etc) work well. A creamy cheesy/bacon sauce works as well.

9) Other - our local Mexican is delicious! Always start with the Nachos, and then I tend to look at the Fajihtas, Burritos, Enchiladas, etc - again, generally the chicken ones. I moved to the Carribean menu last time, and tried the Cuban Chicken and it was divine! I've tried Tapas in Spain - croquettes with chicken, chorizo, etc - quite nice, and a pleasant experience having a small bite to eat as you move from bar to bar.

10) Dessert - I'll come back to this once my stomach has settled - get the sticky toffee pudding on standby!
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18 Sep 2011
Newport Pagnell
1) Starter - Onion bhaji/sheek kebab/shami kebab combo
2) Burger - chicken in a normal burger bun with a chilli mayo and one piece of lettuce
3) Pie - Steak and kidney with home made chips. Occasionally get a craving for a traditional Yorkshire hot pork pie with mushy peas.
4) Pub Meal - depends but none of this fancy gastropub nonsense.
5) Curry - prefer flavour to heat. Favourite is pathia, preferably chicken (not tikkaed). With a fish pakora (whit fish not salmon).
6) Chinese or other oriental - mostly sweet and sour chicken. Maybe something in black bean sauce. With egg fried rice. Can't afford Thai or any other cuisine from that area as it seems to be disproportionally expensive round here.
6a) Takeaways - fish and chips if in Yorkshire where they know how to cook fish. Battered sausage and chips darn sarf where the don't know how to cook fish or even how to use the correct fish (haddock!)
7) Roast of the Day - Gammon with roast and mash. And sprouts.
8) Italian - not a fan. Pizza at a push if getting a takeaway. Lasagne if cooking it myself (or spag bol if I can't be bothered with the faff of lasagne).
9) Other - German sausage and german mustard.
10) Dessert - Good old fashioned trifle with jelly and cold custard. Or rhubarb crumble with custard or ice cream.


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4 Jun 2009
3) Pie - definitely taking inspiration from here - my local pie pub restaurant. They serve 50 different pies, I've had 9 of them to date. My favourite to date being the Iberian, Appaloosa and Zanskiri! Suffolk Punch will probably be my next one, as that's one which has been on my list for a while. One thing they don't have on is a Chinese themed pie, which I have suggested, but they are adding two new pies to their menu at the next taster evening. I like their pies with mash, mushy peas and gravy!

Without looking at the link but just from your initial description and knowing of your locality from <<<<, I guessed where it would be!

A number of forum members paid a visit to this pub on Saturday and it went down well. The only problem is, as you partly mention, aside from track scratching, shack scratching and the rest, there is now pie scratching thanks to them!

Bevan Price

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22 Apr 2010
Have mostly simple tastes, and don't eat huge amounts of anything.

Breakfast - Porridge, Bread.

Dinner (southerners might call it lunch).
No starter if at home. Possibly soup if out somewhere. No strong preferences.

Meat - favourite is Wiener Schnitzel, but you can't get it much in UK (at affordable cafes). Next favourites are roast beef or roast pork. No gravy or sauce on either; sage/onion stuffing on pork.

Vegetables (cooked) - Potatoes (mashed, boiled or chips); occasionally broad beans, lightly boiled peas.

Vegetables (raw) - Usually in salads -Crisp lettuce, radish, water cress, cucumber, carrots, turnip.

Dessert - usually none, prefer fresh fruit.

Fruit - raspberry, strawberry, plums (including greengages), nectarine, apricot, peach, orange, some apple varieties.

Drink - cold milk, water, fruit juice (apple, orange, pineapple) now need to dilute to reduce sugar intake.

Favourite snack if not feeling like full dinner.

Beef salad barm cake.
Pork Pie (Burchalls of St. Helens strongly preferred.)
Sausage roll - preferably not too salty. Those from "non-chain" outlets often the best.

Occasionally - Sausage & Chips; Beefburger, preferably with salad.

Definitely never: Fish seafood, sprouts, cauliflower, boiled cabbage.


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19 Feb 2015
1) Starter - Garlic bread usually, perhaps the soup of the day. It depends what I'm having for my main.
2) Burger - Beef with cheese, bacon and onions, or just chicken by itself. I like both equally.
3) Pie - Any chicken pie, with mashed potatoes and garden peas.
4) Pub Meal - Sunday Dinner for me, I generally only eat at pubs on Sundays anyway.
5) Curry - I like a nice spicy curry, but not too spicy.
6) Chinese or other oriental - Sweet and sour pork is my favourite, although I like a good chow mein too.
6a) Takeaways - I usually go for a Chinese, but sometimes I'll go for a pizza or fish and chips.
7) Roast of the Day - Chicken is my favourite meat, I like to have mashed or roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and peas with a couple of Yorkshire Puddings and gravy.
8) Italian - I like a lot of Italian cuisine, my favourite has to be spaghetti bolognese or linguine.
9) Other - I like Mexican food, I'm a big fan of a lot of Scottish dishes too.
10) Dessert - Ice cream or a sponge cake with custard.

61653 HTAFC

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18 Dec 2012
Another planet...
Wiener Schnitzel is a piece of pee to make at home- thin steaks of pork/turkey/any other meat of choice; lightly beaten egg; breadcrumbs; paprika. Job done...

Best curry is a Kashmiri, if it's done properly (with lychees and banana) rather than what a lot of takeaways seem to do which is basically a Korma with added cream.


8 Aug 2010
1. Starter - Rarely have one but it's hard to refuse chicken and sweetcorn soup at a Chinese restaurant.
2. Burger - Veggie burgers, definitely.
3. Pie - Not a massive fan of pies. Steak and kidney isn't bad occasionally.
4. Pub Meal - Seldom go to pubs, much less eat at one.
5. Curry - Can't stand curry in any form.
6. Chinese or Other Oriental - Foo yung, special fried rice, crispy duck, a lot of Chinese soups and prawn crackers. I like Japanese food too: soba and ramen noodle dishes, teriyaki and, sometimes, sushi.
7. Roast Dinner - I've never liked roast dinners much, even as a kid. Try to avoid them as I'm not a meat fan.
8. Italian - Big fan of Italian food. Pizzas, especially meat free ones, I love. I like most types of pasta, generally with a cheese, carbonara or tomato sauce. Also enjoy cannelloni, ravioli and some lasagne.
9. Other - I'm not outwardly a fan of any other cuisines in particular.
10. Dessert - Cookie dough ice cream is a guilty pleasure.


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2 Feb 2014
The UK
1) Starter - lots of tapas, mezzo and stuff, generally Mediterreanean things, bruschetta, anchovies, olives, garlic bread, goats' cheese, dough balls, yadda yadda
2) Burger - I'm veggie (actually pesky, as in I eat fish), so expect something like a good red kidney, cannellini, borlotti, any other good bean, sweetcorn, garlicky patty with salsa (not ketchup)
3) Pie - mushrooms, leeks, tomatoes, onions, cheddar
4) Pub Meal - fish, chips, mushy peas
5) Curry - poppadoms, naan, saag aloo, dhal, Bombay potatoes, Patak's Brinjal Pickle, yoghurt, and something else with vegetables
6) Chinese or other oriental - don't really have much of this stuff, but some kind of veggie stir-fry with noodles and mini corncobs
6a) Takeaways - see 5)
7) Roast of the Day - oodles of roast root veg with herbs, roast garlic & shallots, nut roast perhaps, swede, roast potatoes, veggie gravy...
8) Italian - where to start? Big fan of stuff simple stuff like puttanesca, olio e aglio, pesto sauce, just a simple tomato sauce if it's good, even...penne alla arrabbiata... ;)* ... pizza would be thin & crispy with tomato sauce, garlic oil, mozzarella, pesto, basil, red & yellow tomatoes, pine nuts, mushrooms, olives, capers, artichokes & peppers perhaps, and parmesan shavings
9) Other - I'd like to try quesadillas soon, and as stated I'd have tapas. A good paella wouldn't go amiss. French cheeses perhaps, and French...
10) Dessert - ...chocolate mousse. :D And also sticky toffee pudding. Hot chocolate fudge cake, crumble & ice cream too. :smile:

So there you have it :smile:

*contains bad language, but not nuts
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