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Trivia: Grottiest Bus Stops

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3 Mar 2018
Sarahdale (West of Emmerdale)
Having read through this thread about scenic bus stops, I have noted how two of the posts thus far - which I have attached below - have actually been about least scenic, or grotty, bus stops, therefore I think it'd be a good idea to have a separate thread dedicated to just that. :)

For the least scenic I nominate this one on the approach to the Blackwall Tunnel. For added joy you access it via a hole in the concrete retaining wall, and it's hard to see incoming buses.

Blackwall Tun E India Dock Rd (Stop M)
Poplar, London E14 9PP
For the grottiest stop, can I nominate the city-bound Shrub Hill Steps stop in Worcester? There is no pavement, so the bus, immediately after emerging from underneath a bridge, has to line up with a set of steps that lead into a very unwelcoming alleyway up to the station.

I look forward to seeing some more nominations!
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Flange Squeal

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17 Jul 2012
Not as bleak surroundings as the above, but on a rainy day when you've traipsed through mud to get to it and are then stood waiting within feet of passing cars on a stretch of national speed limit, this wouldn't be a particular pleasant place to wait. Thankfully this and the bus stop opposite don't really have a purpose, so I've never seen them actually in use!



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