Trying to find anyone who worked with John Tennick (from Sunderland)

Discussion in 'Railway History & Nostalgia' started by Leanne Tennick, 13 Jun 2019.

  1. Leanne Tennick

    Leanne Tennick New Member

    13 Jun 2019
    Hi everyone
    I'm wandering if someone on here could help me my grandad worked as a guard on freight trains for years his last posting was south doc. His name is John Tennick and he passed away 3 days ago at 84 years old I'm looking to contact a rail line who has restored and has one of these locomotives in service so I can possibly request a comemeration.
    I AM attaching a picture of him and one of his rail I.d cards from 1985.
    Equally if anyone knew or worked with my grandad is love to hear stories of him.
    His funeral is Wednesday 19th 11am at Sunderland crematorium if you did know him and want to attend
    Thanks Leanne

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