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Discussion in 'Modelling, Simulations & Games' started by Chuggington21, 17 Oct 2018.

  1. Chuggington21

    Chuggington21 Member

    18 Dec 2016
    Hey dont really play TS alot but i want to create my own senario if possible combining 2 routes. i have WCML north and over Shap and i want to create a senario that starts at glasgow central and ends in preston calling at Transpennine stations. I understand i can just follow one from the work shop but that usually requires to have multiple routes and traction which i dont have or dont want to buy.

    any advise is appreciated.

    i should add im quite comfortable about creating a basic senario but i can only go Glasgow to Carslie
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  3. Iskra

    Iskra Established Member

    11 Jun 2014
    Chapeltown, Sheffield
    Hi, you would have to create two separate scenarios- one for each separate route, then play them consecutively.

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