[TS2017] Most/Least Favourite Trains?

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  1. 317663

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    30 Sep 2013
    Not sure if there's a thread on this already, haven't used this forum in a while!

    I'm going to rank 5 of my favourite TS2017 trains, then rank my least favourites.

    TOP 5:
    Class 91 (With AP) - Superb quality all round.
    Class 175 - Excellent acceleration for a DMU, and good sounds.
    Class 313 - Who doesn't like this one???
    Class 465 - Good sound effects, but uses class 166 passenger view.
    Metro M8 - Decent train, but sometimes randomly stops.

    BOTTOM 5:
    Class 43 - Acceleration is horrible with 8 cars. (compared to real life)
    Class 166 - Also, terrible acceleration, unrealistic/
    Class 444/450 - Sounds make my ears bleed...
    Class 377 - Sounds are terrible and passenger view is ridiculous.
    Class 325 - Good with the AP pack, but without it, the sounds are generic and acceleration is quite bad.

    What's yours?
  2. Iskra

    Iskra Established Member

    11 Jun 2014
    Chapeltown, Sheffield
    TOP 5

    1) AP Class 90- Great quality, sounds and a selection of liveries and also includes the MK3's and DVT so it's a good value pack, with great scenarios and lots of playability.
    2) Class 43 (with AP Valenta Enhancement Pack). Amazing sounds and physics.
    3) JT Clan. Feels real, powerful, good sounds and set the standard for steam locomotives.
    4) 3F Jinty, again it feels real, is very immersive and detailed with good sounds and physics. It has lots of playability too.
    5) WHL Class 37. Good sounds, great functionality. Has lots of playability too since DRS have started using the same livery in the modern era.

    Bottom 5:

    1) Class 143. Feels like a toy train. Okay for AI though.
    2) Class 91 (without AP sounds). Claustrophobic cabview, annoying DSD and poor playability due to the one livery it came out with that doesn't match the other stock on ECML London-Peterborough.
    3) Class 68. It's far too easy to end up doing an emergency brake application. Releasing it in Scotrail livery only limits playability too.
    4) Class 390. Just so bland. It could have been a great add-on.
    5) Grand Central 180. Could have been great but the sounds are terrible. Again, the one livery only affects playability.



    1) WCML over Shap. Very nicely detailed with a network of routes. Good stock, era and scenario possibilities. Came with great rolling stock too. Lots of playability. Good scenery too.
    2) Western Lines of Scotland/The Port Road. Amazingly detailed, by far the best steam era route. Again, it's a network of routes so has lots of possibilities. Came with a good selection of rolling stock.
    3) South Wales Coastal Bristol-Swansea. Very detailed. Again it's a network so has plenty of options for freight and passenger operations. Good selection of included rolling stock.
    4) AP Wherry lines. Excellent detail, very realistic. Great included stock. It's a little too 'clean' though and although a network, doesn't have the same level of playability/scenario possibilities as some of its competition. I was also annoyed that it was released on Steam after I'd already bought it, so I have no access to workshop scenarios.
    5) North London line. Amazing detail, and it offers something a little different.

    I'm not going to do a bottom for routes as they were all good at some point, but some have aged better than others. JT's aren't great though due to some poor quality assurance and testing that sees them released too soon.
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  3. RichJF

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    2 Nov 2012
    East Grinstead
    Top 5:
    1.) AP Class 205. Cold start function, having to watch the amp meter carefully, cab windows fog up, sounds are great, Thumper sound.
    2.) Wherry Lines Class 37. Great quality, sounds & controls seem realistic.
    3.) Class 86. Notch control, sounds.
    4.) Class 313: Dual voltage, pneumatic controls, destination blinds, good playability.
    5.) JT Class 20. Chopper thrash, huge variety of liveries & controls are great.

    Bottom 5:
    1.) Class 172. Nothing like real life. Sounds are horrid & emergency brake applies when opening the doors!
    2.) Class 57 Freightliner. Impossible to move without wheel slip.
    3.) Class 450. Braking is hideous, sounds unrealistic, controls poor.
    4.) Class 56 Railfreight: Controls stick and the loco textures are poor.
    5.) JT Class 153. Passengers look like aliens. Controls are very slow.
  4. E_Reeves

    E_Reeves Member

    25 Oct 2015
    West Midlands

    Class 91 - nice to have a loco with proper DRA and AWS tests.
    Class 172 - nice to drive and good controls
    Class 175 - a pretty nice DMU overall
    Class 59 - a really good loco with a good cab layout and controls
    Class 67 - nice to drive and good feel


    Class 68 - bought it thinking it'd be good. Braking controls are terrible!
    Class 378 - nice EMU, but having difficulty with door sounds
    Class 360 - bad controls and AWS test doesn't work properly
    Class 73 - slow and difficult to switch from diesel to electric
    Class 390 - controls are not good and so much throttle needed to make it move!
  5. BR60062

    BR60062 Member

    2 Aug 2016
    Best of 5:
    Class 60 With AP Sounds
    Class 43 HST Enhancement Pack (All versions)
    Class 150/1 with Enhancement Pack
    Class 40 Pack AP
    Class 67 Pack DTG

    Class 321 DTG (poor quality textures)
    Class 220 DTG (just get the JT one instead)
    Class 56 (poor sounds and textures)
    Class 8P Duchess (bad physics)
    Class 303 Pack (feels underpowered and synthetic sounds spoils the enjoyment for me :()

    Class 90 Pack
    Class 91 Enhancement Pack
    Class 92 Pack + AP Sounds
    Class 66 Pack (All version)
    Class 70 Pack (I use the TEA tankers with the Class 60's)

    Routes I enjoy:
    Chiltern Mainlines
    South Wales Coastal
    WCML Over Shap
    WCML North
    Peterborough to London
    MML London to Bedford
    London to Brighton
    North London & Goblin Line
    South London Lines
    Liverpool to Manchester Route
  6. DanTrain

    DanTrain Member

    9 Jul 2017
    Top 5:
    Class 313 - Just love driving this
    Class 91 (with AP pack) - Stunning
    Class 350 from WCMLTV - Love the pass view and cab, sounds are livable at least
    Class 142 AP (Hate the train but love the model and simulation)
    Class 150/2

    Bottom 5:
    Class 170 (hoping AP will fix this soon)
    Class 801 - bad horn and perisitant label for blind on screen
    Class 456 from SLL - Terrible effort, worse than AP one
    Class 444 - Bad cab and no pass view
    Class 450 from PDL - Terrible physiscs, cab and livery and no pass view

    Favourite routes:
    Newcastle-Edinburgh - All time favourite, love the route
    Wherry lines - Very, very well done
    WCML Over Shap - Beautiful
    North London Lines - Very detailed
    Western Mainlines - So long, a lot to drive
    Riviera Line - Nice, scenic drive, a bit short
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