Tyne and Wear Driver Strike and Northern

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26 Feb 2011
Murton, Co. Durham
Was just thinking about the T&WM strikes, today and again in a couple of weeks, what I was thinking about is the Coldplay Concert tonight in Sunderland tonight and Bruce Springsteen in a couple of weeks, it is obviously going to add pressure on the the Public Transport Network out of Newcastle, now I 50-55,000 aint all coming from Newcastle...

I was wondering, could Northern not have swept up some of the concert goers from Newcastle and stopping at the Stadium of Light and St Peters, I think Northern have ran services to St Peters in the past for Tyne-Wear Derby Games, so why could they not mop up custom and do it again, I dunno like doubling up carriages or do they simply not have carriages to do so available
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Apologies for posting this on here, I found it covered elsewhere on the board, need to utilise the search more
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