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[UK-Rail] SE Vep Withdrawal

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8 Jun 2005
hot off press just got this mail off a mate so cut and pasted it in
here for everybodys benifit

I have the order which the remaining South Eastern VEPs are likely to
go in. The dates I was given for each 12 car off lease are subject to
possible revision, owing to being put back a week a couple of weeks
ago. At present not clear if all will be one week later, or whether
one week there will be two 12 cars off lease. I have given the
original dates, however for the next 12 car at least these will go on
another week, as the units stopped yesterday were shown off lease
22nd July on the original list. Those originally shown off lease
yesterday are still going at present.

3412/3496/3586 : 29th July.
3445/3495/3579 : 5th August.
3416/3584/3587 : 12th August.
3500/3560/3590 : 19th August.
3454/3487/3562 : 26th August.
3498/3544/3547 : 2nd Septemeber.
3449/3453/3548 : 9th September.
3450/3521/3545 : 16th September.
3564/3565/3568 : 23rd September.
3471/3474 : 30th September.

Although 3498 is shown to finish on 2nd September it is fast running
out of miles, so may go up the order with another unit dropping down.
Also any major failures are unlikely to be repaired, again leading to
units moving up the order if they are stopped.
Not open for further replies.