Ultimate quiz (with prize!)

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The prize is a 400g Cadburys bar I will give you when I next see you. The prize is non-transferable, but Seth will buy it for you if I do not get to see you. Seth, you may be worried but I'll give yer the cash. ;)

Welcome to the 2006 Key Stage 3 Maths Mental Arithmeti... whoops...

Anyway, there are 35 questions, pretty easy to start off, getting gradually harder. I will only accept answers via PM to make it fair. (mods: if you see any post with answers in, please delete).

Section 1: CRS Codes
  1. BNS
  2. BMH
  3. BHM
  4. CLJ
  5. BRG
  6. WAT
  7. FAF (before you ask, it DOES come up with a station!)
  8. ZBA
  9. BNK
  10. ZBB
Section 2: Location quizzes by rolling stock at station
  1. Class 442, Class 444, Class 450, Virgin Voyager, some trains terminate here.
  2. Class 442, Class 444, Class 450, Virgin Voyager, Class 377, some trains terminate here.
  3. Class 442, Class 444, Class 450, Class 455, Class 456, Class 458, Class 460, Class 377
  4. Class 442, and a 444 if you are lucky, between Southampton Ctl and Brockenhurst
  5. Now here comes a fun one... 95TS and 72TS, and no it isn't the obvious one, it is highly obscure and only a tube ned will probably know it.
Section 3: Tell me the location
  1. Where is Belle Isle?
  2. Where is Pirbright Junction?
  3. I have travelled on a 442 for 15 minutes from Brockenhurst, but I didn't stop there, and it is in the evening, where am I?
  4. I am standing in CRS code XBC, where am I?
  5. I have accidentally arrived in BCSTUS, where am I?
Section 4: General
  1. It is 1913, and I am on the Settle-Carlisle railway. The railway judders to a halt on a day in September, but why?
  2. Where was the first death on the railways?
  3. The National Rail Museum is in York, but where is it's supplementing facility?
  4. In S4Q1, there was an event on the Settle-Carlisle railway, but why is it so infamous with an event which happened only three years earlier?
  5. What is a SPAD?
  6. Who are the HSE?
  7. Gretna Green in Scotland, May in the 1910s, what event happened?
  8. What infamous crash brought in speed controlled trainstops on the London Underground?
  9. How many rails are there in the tunnels between Moorgate and Drayton Park, where the ACDC changeover takes place.
  10. How many rails are there on the Fareham single line between Fareham and Eastleigh, and is it electrified in a normal way?
  11. What major event happened last year due to problems with braking on the Tube, and in what month?
  12. In 2003, there were significant derailments days apart on the London Underground, but where were they?
  13. Name 2 nicknames for London Underground lines.
  14. What is the biggest Tube station, not by lines, but by area.
  15. At Waterloo, what was the Jubilee Line ticket hall's previous job?
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