Using Tesco Car Park as a trainspotting location

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Today I left for Tescos, I took a C-stock to Earl's Court and I headed for the Warwick Road Exit and I turned right from the station and I then crossed the road, I would had waited for the Bus 74,328,C1,C3 to get me to Tesco's, but I decided to walk overtaking many of the cars that were stuck on the traffic jam, As I arrived into Tesco's, I got in and brought my lunch (Chicken and Bacon Sub for £1.80) and I then headed for the Car Park where I took photos of the trains, the area is quite safe, lots of Cameras around
313110 and 313113 were alloxs on the Shuttle, All 4 Drivers waving at me (snapped)
The Driver of EPS 37603 thrashed it badly (snapped)
Two Seperate 59s meeting each other both at the same time (snapped)
and a Top n Tail Battery Locomotive entering Lillie Bridge Depot
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