Validity of London Terminals [EUS] - Coventry [COV] Y-P SVR

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by calc7, 22 Nov 2011.

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  1. calc7

    calc7 Established Member

    8 Aug 2011
    Two questions:
    • What is the validity code for this ticket - is it valid for BOJ outbound?
    • Assuming the answer is YES, and it is used to travel on a peak-time Virgin service, is BOJ at Milton Keynes Central [MKC] allowed? The (somewhat undocumented) easement says something along the lines of "not applicable for travel between London Euston and MKC" but doesn't give explicit guidance for this situation, and the only problem you would have is at the gateline at MKC.

    Any input appreciated :)
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  3. LexyBoy

    LexyBoy Established Member Fares Advisor

    23 Jan 2009
    North of the rivers
    EUS-COV SVR Routed Any Permitted is restriction 9I, no BoJ restrictions.

    The second part I can't help you with, but I think you could have trouble as you are travelling between Euston and MKC. I would expect that Off Peak tickets from north of MKC could be cheaper than Anytimes from MKC, so there is an incentive to prevent them being used for BoJ in this way. Remember that Virgin are under no obligation to allow Railcard holders to use Off Peak tickets at all times, so it's unwise to push it IMO.
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