Very happy EMT guard this morning

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15 Sep 2010
On the 9:30 EMT from Attenbough to Nottingham this morning (Sunday 1st May) our Gaurd David was a very happy chap who was clearly very happy in his job! My little 3 year old was also very happy to see David as after having his old ticket checked and stamped (if it isn't stamped or clipped he says it's not right.. A squiggle with biro just isn't the same for him:lol:) he got a High 5 which he was very happy with!

So if anyone on here knows this guard please pass on my thanks as you have set my little lad up for the day so shopping in town with him won't be quite so stressful now,

(I have also emailed EMT direct as I know the vast majority of folks are quick to complain but never hear about the good their staff are doing which is a shame)
Not open for further replies.