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Vienna test system (VTS), psychometric tests

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26 Nov 2005

I'm in the middle of the process to become - hopefully - a train driver for the SBB (swiss federal railways). I've done the first psychometric tests (IQ and memory) and the review, but in 2 weeks I'll have to deal with the wonderful last step: medical, psychological review and the last (and worst :)) psychometric test. This one features:
- hands-eyes coordination
- stress control
- monotony

I've found some information (thanks to Google and RailUK Forums) about similar tests, mainly in the UK, like the Group-Bourdon and the SCAAT, and tried the freeware a few times - my results are quite OK I guess, but I'm not sure if practicing this software will really help me with my psychometric test.
The SBB uses the Schuhfried's "Vienna Test System" (VTS), which seems to be also used by indian railways and Deutsche Bahn, here you can find most of the tests for rail transport:

I sadly hardly can find any information about these tests in the swiss community.
I would really appreciate if you could give me any more advise, like any website suggestion to improve coordination, stress control, etc.

FYI there was a very helpful website called http://www.brainsimulator.net/ which featured a coordination test that is used for air traffic controller admission. Sadly the website is offline since 1 month...
The exact description of this coordination test is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FEAST_test
If anyone knows a similar online test, it would be great !

Thanks for your replies !
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So I guess no one has any idea ?

I'm sorry to harass you guys but it would be really helpful if you had at least any tiny clue(s).

Thanks again.
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