Visiting all National Rail stations in the UK

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9 Apr 2016
I am currently trying to visit every National Rail station in the UK and was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions and advice.

So far i have been to every station in Surrey / Sussex / Hampshire / Kent / Wiltshire / Dorset / Berkshire / Greater London as well as 24 stations outside of these areas.

I would like to include all underground / metro / tram / heritage railway / northern ireland / ireland / isle of man stations as well at some point but at the moment i am just concentrating on National Rail stations.

My rules is that i must have enough time at each station to walk around all of the platforms and walk around outside of the station as well.

Are there any stations that are hard to visit? Im thinking IBM Halt / Lympstone Commando / Redcar British Steel could be? Are there any others?

Are there any stations that have a really infrequent service? Im thinking a lot of the lines in Anglia and Wales and Scotland (and probably a lot of other places) do. Also with Reddish South and Denton i will probably need to take a bus or walk to Reddish South and then take the train one stop from Reddish South to Denton and then take a bus or walk from Denton. I know there are lots of other stations in the UK with very infrequent train services that may require careful planning.

Also are there any stations that are in very rough unsafe areas that should be avoided in the evenings and at nights?

If anyone has any tips and advice and suggestions and information that would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
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