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Wales trips half term

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26 Nov 2005
Birmingham, UK
Well this week i'v managed to get into the know quite a bit and got permission to ride in the rear cab for the whole week, i have emails and a written letter to prove this.

Monday i went to Holyhead in a 175 in the "Spearmint Polo" livery 175008.

On the return was a 158 in ex Central. On this one we clocked 98 belting along the line and she was shaking.

Wednesday was probably the best as we was talking about the easy life on a guard and the "comfey way" to sit on the 158, 175 you just roll the seat back and chill.

We also placed with the destination indicator and when we stopped at Chepstow we was going to the Depot and at Lydney we was going to Cardiff. After than we put the aircond onto test mode, did tickets, then it was reading 28'c and still rising. So sorry whoever was on the 1712 from Cardiff to Gloucester (yes it was a tad packed) if it was a bit too warm and cold.

Friday i will be on the HOW line 09:02 from Shrewsbury so if anyone is on that then be sure to keep a look out.

This is one of the most greatest experiences i'v had and i recommend it with your local TOC and take your sence of humour with you as you'll sure use it. (Y)
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