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30 Jun 2018
All this talk of mountain roads in the other thread has got me wanting to do a cycle trip across there and also take my first train ride for well over a year now. Some convenient annual leave is coming up soon.

What's the best ticket/journey option for Bristol (Temple Meads, can cycle to Parkway if needed), to Ton Pentre (Treherbert line) then back from Maesteg to Bristol in the evening? I can find a Wales Valleys Day Explorer for £13.50 plus a BRI-CDF return (I presume) for £14.70 (or £20 anytime) makes £28.20 (or £33.50 if I catch an early train out) - is that the right thing to get or is there something fancier with split tickets? As I want to start one end of the mountain and end up the other one, I can't get a normal return for the valleys bit.

Would bringing a foldable electric bicycle be allowed on all these trains or would I have to pay extra and/or reserve? I can carry it with both hands, just about. Not sure what the situation is with the valleys trains - assuming they're not buses for the time being too?

With no direct trains BRI-CDF at the moment it seems, I presume even folding bicycles aren't allowed on replacement buses up to Parkway? For the XC trains, I see some of them show as "sold out", are you still allowed to turn up on an anytime ticket or are reservations still mandatory?
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29 May 2011
If it is a simple trip from Bristol to Ton Pentre and Maesteg to Bristol, arguably a off-peak day return from Bristol to Ton Pentre and a single from Maesteg to Cardiff is what you need.

£17.30 off-peak day return plus £5.10 single is £22.40.