Warblington Level Crossing Fault ?

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7 Nov 2011
Warblington Level Crossing Fault ?

Anyone know what happened here today ?

I was waiting in a queue to use the crossing at about 2.30pm. I was quite a distance away but noticed what appeared to be 2 of the 4 barriers going half way up, (one barrier each side - diagonally opposite ones) and cars going over the crossing. The lights were flashing red for the whole time. A silver car (Audi TT) was one of the cars that crossed. The barriers went down again, then went up again. Driver then parked half on pavement, and ran back over the crossing as two of the barriers were going down again.

I'd been waiting for a while but gave up at this point and took a detour via Emsworth to get where I was heading.

Just curious if anyone knows what was going on. ;)
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