Waterloo & City to close for 5 months

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6 Jun 2005

Waterloo & City line to close for five months

London Underground (LU) today announced that the Waterloo & City line is to close for five months from 1 April 2006 for much-needed engineering improvements that will deliver increased reliability of services, an increase in capacity and improved journey times

The improvements are part of Transport for London's (TfL) £10bn 5-Year Investment Programme to improve and expand London's transport network.

The Waterloo & City line is 107 years old and urgently needs upgrading.

The line fails on average almost once a week, leading to unplanned closures and major inconvenience to passengers.

During the five-month closure, the entire track will be replaced and electrical, mechanical, fire protection and communication equipment will be renewed.

Journey times will fall as a result of increased service frequency and faster running times.

The Waterloo & City rolling stock will be painted in the Underground's red, white and blue livery.

Seating will be re-upholstered, grab rails will be refurbished and improvements will be made to floors and windows.

The closure will also provide an opportunity to make improvements to the Waterloo & City platforms at Bank and Waterloo stations.

Improved reliability
The works will be carried out by Metronet Rail BCV.

The entire line is in a tunnel and physically isolated from all other LU lines.

Tim O'Toole, LU Managing Director, said: "The Waterloo & City line suffers from constant failures and urgently needs upgrading.

"We have agreed to a request from Metronet to close the line for five months so that much-needed improvements can be accelerated to deliver improved reliability, increased passenger capacity, quicker journey times and a smoother ride."

LU has consulted with businesses and organisations that will be affected by the closure.

They have agreed with LU that the line should close for five months so that major and much-needed improvements can be made all at once rather than through a succession of weekend closures over a longer period of time.

Brian Cooke, Chair, London Transport Users' Committee, said: "The Tube has suffered from decades of under-investment.

"If the Underground is to improve then, on occasions, there will have to be short-term pain to deliver long-term gain.

"Any closure will result in some degree of disruption to passengers but we are supportive of long-term closures as long as they are well planned, deliver the required improvements within the timescales outlined and viable transport alternatives are in place for passengers."

During the five-month closure, passengers travelling from Waterloo to Bank will be advised to take the Bakerloo or Northern lines to Embankment station, and then the District or Circle line to Monument station.

Detailed travel advice for passengers will be issued prior to the closure taking effect.
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9 Jun 2005
So you'd better be quick if you want some photos of the Class 482/92TS in NSE livery!

(EDIT: Sorry, typo, class 482, not 487!)


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11 Jun 2005
The District will be packed solid now. Just out of Interest - Has anyone been on the W&C at 17.30 on a Wednesday night

It hurts - You queue for the train :o
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