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Watford To Crewe

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2 Apr 2011
Hello Experts,

Looking to travel from Watford to Crewe and back on Thursday 7th June. Ideally leaving Watford around 7am and then be back again by 11pm.

I can currently find OP Returns at £30 or Anytime Returns at £50, but was wondering if you could advise on any suitable splits to get the fares down further ?
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17 Feb 2011
These fares you have quoted are "London Midland Only" fares. Even though LM are slow (an average of 3 hours compared to Virgin Trains' average of 1.5 hours), they are exceptionally good value, and cannot be reduced further by splitting. (Some people may suggest other tickets which might save a pound or two, but as these forbid ending your journey "short" at Crewe, cannot be used legitimately.)

Unfortunately, these "London Midland only" fares do not seem to suit your requirements. The last LM train on the return journey leaves Crewe at [17:33] and arrives in Watford at [20:31], which is much earlier than you want.

If you don't mind sticking to a specific train, I would suggest buying "Advance" tickets. You have multiple options on the outward and return journeys:

Outward journey:

  • £18.00 Watford [05:45] to Crewe [07:22] (Virgin Trains - 1h 37m)
  • £25.00 Watford [06:02] to Crewe [07:30] (Virgin Trains - 1h 28m)*
  • £11.50 Watford [06:41] to Crewe [09:38] (London Midland - 2h 57m)*
*Note that First Class is £36.50 on the highlighted Virgin service (just £11.50 more) for which you will be served a full breakfast and get access to the First Class lounge at Crewe. On the LM service First Class is £18 (just £6.50 more) but the only benefit is a quieter compartment - the seats are usually the same as in Standard Class.

Return journey:

  • £18.00 Crewe [20:23] to Watford [21:48] (Virgin Trains - 1h 25m)
  • £12.00 Crewe [21:24] to Watford [23:30] (Virgin Trains - 2h 06m)
I, personally, would go for the outward LM service at £11.50 and the return VT service at £12. Alternatively, if I wanted a more relaxing journey, I would go for the outward VT service in First Class at £36.50 and the return VT service at £12.


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19 Jan 2010
Are you happy to be tied to specific trains?

Advance singles tickets are available for :

0641 Watford Junction - Crewe 0938

Direct service with London Midland, costing £9.50

2124 Crewe - Watford Junction 2330

Direct service with Virgin Trains, costing £12.00

Total cost £21.50

The Anytime Return costing £50.00 and routed London Midland only is valid anytime, so would be valid on any train, as long as it's a London Midland service.

The Off Peak Return costing £30.00 and routed London Midland only, is not valid until after 0845, the first train available being the :

0901 Watford Junction -Crewe 1138

Direct service with London Midland.

The only problem with the Returns routed London Midland only, is that the last direct service is at :

1733 Crewe -Watford Junction 2031

You could also return via Birmingham New Street with London Midland only.

All fares quoted above are for STD class only.

Hope this helps

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