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Welcome to the Quiz Forum!

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21 Jan 2010
Hello and welcome to the Quiz Forum!

This is an area where you can test your knowledge of many things. In this forum you will find numerous quizzes on a variety of different railway and other transport topics: we hope there are some that you can join in with.

The Quiz forum is overseen by the 'Quizmasters', together with forum staff. We have 4 Quizmasters, here to ensure the smooth running of the quiz forum. Only the Quizmasters (and forum staff) are able to create new quiz threads, so if you have an idea for a new quiz on the forums please send a conversation message to one of the Quizmasters - the team will then consider the proposal.

The Quizmasters:

The role of the Quizmasters is to help maintain this section of the forum and keep it tidy: in the past complaints have been made concerning difficult navigation of the forum and pointless/duplicate threads. One of our major tasks is to monitor the progress of and participation of quizzes, and to troubleshoot any minor issues which arise. To assist us to carry this out, we have some moderation powers within this area - problems concerning other forum matters should continue to be directed to the forum staff using the report button.

A number of the threads in the Quiz Forum involve posting the names of stations. Most commonly this may be in English however you are also permitted to use other languages (for example Welsh or Scottish Gaelic), as long as you are able to clarify in-thread if requested.

We hope that these changes will help ensure a smoother running forum to all and we will look forward to working with you.

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