Well If you think the Magic has gone What do you miss About Christmas?

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16 Feb 2006
Belfast N.Ireland
As a Sub script to this post I started last week

Well if Like me what do you think "The magic Has Gone from Christmas" what are are Important bits of Christmas that are gone ?...........

For me its got to Christmas Night With the Stars & for our Younger readers , I'll explain ,up to Christmas 1972 or so rather than bombard us with "So Called Blockbuster Movies" ( which you have had on DVD probably for 18 months anyhow)the two Major Television companies in the UK used to provide us with two variety shows on Christmas night running from Approx 18:30 till 21:00 they were compared by an MC such as Bruce Forysth & the format of the programme consisted of say about a dozen short sketch length episodes of what every was the In TV programmes at the time from variety & sitcom for example BBC would have had say Dad's Army, Till death us do Part, Steptoe & son and Mike Yarwood show etc etc & ITV's offerings would have included On the Buses, Love thy Neighbour The Golden Shot and even shorts of the likes of Corrie & Crossroads.
The Programmes & their content always had front cover billing on each companies relevant listings magazine

The TV Companies desisted with the practise because of the Sheer cost of producing the programme & found it more economic to show us
Dr.No ,Goldfinger or the Sound of Music 6 years out of every ten.

Few of these Items have been preserved by television companies in there archive & are much sought after Television gems .

To Me as a Kid this was a part of Christmas Day as much as opening presents & eating turkey I looked forward to watching it whilst nibbling on a cold meat Sandwich & a left over mince pie , & for me Christmas is clearly poorer with out this British entertainment instuition!!!...
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9 Apr 2006
London, UK
- The Christmas tunes that we sang in assembly when I was in Primary School.

- The Christmas activities/parties we had in school as well

Basically, its something about the atmosphere thats gone...


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9 Jul 2005
Christmas Top of the Plops - good excuse to sit down with a glass of wine rather than help with the washing up!
You need an excuse to have a drink? Disgraceful....

Help with the washing up? Jim should be doing that....

*runs for cover*
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