Wellworthy Ampress Works Halt

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19 May 2006
Near Ashurst New Forest Station
You all know I am sire that the old SR sign "WELLWORTHY AMPRESS WORKS HALT" is now on the rear wall in the train shed at the Eastleigh Lkeside Railway. It used to be on the fence on a small simple platform halt on the main Lymington road from Brockenhurst on the Lymington branch, serving I think was an electronics factory. Ampress works has long gone but the site is now a small trading estate and there is a nice Somerfield mini-market and petrol station there. The fence on the platform has been painted up, there are stairs up to the old platform and it looks very neat and tidy. Is there any known intention to re-open as it looks handy for the area, which is a way north of Lymington Town station?
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14 Aug 2005
Plans were drawn up for a reopening but have been put on hold.
The platform is intacked and so are the steps but it won't reopen on that site because of access which is across a petrol station forecourt.
Also because it runs on an embankment any new station will have to have a ramped access point onto the platform.
Plans to reopen it are because of the new Lymington hospital which will draw workers in from the Southampton area.
Rumor had it that the station would reopen on the oppersite side but that now has houses build on it.
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