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Welsh Highland Railway - General News

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Donny Dave

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9 Jul 2005
** Dates for your diary – our special events list has just been
published – see below.

** We've FINALLY started building track beyond the end of our short
line after 40-odd years of waiting! Visit http://www.whr.co.uk for
more details


The Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadog) will be celebrating an
unusual centenary in 2006.

One of the world's most famous narrow gauge steam locomotives is a
hundred years old - but he won't be at the party.

"Russell" (Hunslet 901 of 1906) is the only surviving locomotive from
the original Welsh Highland Railway, and is known throughout the
railway world for his remarkable survival, including several near
misses with the scrapman.

However, "Russell" is undergoing major overhaul at the moment, and
will be in pieces for at least another two years.

James Hewett, Chairman of the Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadog)
said: "Russell is such a historic locomotive that we couldn't let his
centenary pass by unmarked."

"We'll be gathering together a hundred other Russells - from models
of our famous steam engine through to miniature replicas, paintings
and even a cross stitch tapestry."

The gala, called "100 not out", will also give visitors a rare chance
to see inside the shed where restoration work is in progress. At
least two visiting locos are being planned for the event - on 30th &
31st July - and the WHR(P) is hinting they'll be something unusual.

This year's successful link up between the Welsh Highland Railway
(Porthmadog) and the Ffestiniog Railway will also be repeated over
the May Bank Holiday weekend in 2006. The joint event is likely to
have a 1940s theme.

One of the biggest narrow gauge diesel engines in the UK will also be
in more regular service during 2006 at the WHR(P). The LYd2
locomotive originally from Poland, was returned to traffic just over
a year ago, and has impressed visitors by its huge size, despite
being balanced on rails less than two foot apart. It will be pulling
trains on certain selected weekends.

Visit http://www.whr.co.uk/ to see the full list of special events at
the Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadog)
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