West Coast Wanders & HST bash!!

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
I missed the 11:09 Southern train
So I went to Euston and I got 12:04 from platform 17
and I took it all the way to Leighton Buzzard
I waited for the 13:13 for Cheddington, I took the train
and I got off at Cheddington and I found Yorkie,joy54,Harold,Max,Jordy and MetCam
We all took photos of the train, Max and Jordy stayed at Cheddington while me, Harold, Yorkie and joy54 took the 14:19 to London Euston , at Euston I got seperated from the group :lol: and eventually found them again....
So We had to run to St.Pancras, A race :lol:
1st : Metcam
2nd: Harold
3rd: Yorkie and joy54
4th : 1288gaje/458fan!!/350 :lol:
Then we went to King's Cross and came back to St.Pancras
You should had seen the HST starting up :CLAG MONSTER: <D
we took the 16:08 MML HST to Bedford
The HST itself was for Bedford calling at Luton and Bedford
We got off at Bedford
and we split up,
Yorkie and MetCam took the Meridian to the north
while I ,joy54 and Harold took the 17:12 back to London
We did heads out on approach to St.Pancras, all 3 of us

What a great trip!!
Thanks to all who were in the meet who made it a great day!! :)
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