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West Hampstead Milepost 204

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10 Dec 2013
What's it called? It's called Cumbernauld
Something from one of my observations yesterday, and a quick question.

While travelling along the Great Central Railway metals out of Marylebone, I noticed that just south of West Hampstead station (MR/GCR side) a milepost with the distance of 204.

This decreases away from London, and as the GCR was founded initially by the Manchester, Sheffield, & Lincolnshire Railway, am I right in thinking that the distances were measured from Manchester Central via Hadfield, Woodhead, Annersley, etc?

I've also noticed that the mileposts fluctuate (I was on the 13:10 Marylebone - Birmingham Moor Street), as at Neasden Junction, it starts at 0 and ascends to something like 5 (at West Ruislip), then starts again for the GCR/GWR Alternative Route.
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16 May 2010
Quail states the 204MP was from Manchester London Road via the GCR.

More generally, between Quainton Road and Harrow-on-the-Hill, it is measured from Baker Street Met, north and south of there respectively use the GCR mileages. Neasden to Northolt is measured from Northolt. Northolt to Ashendon is measured from Northolt, and Ashendon to Aynho is measured from Ashendon.
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