Westbury 25th

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11 Oct 2005
Today i took a very enjoyable and tiring trip to Westbury in [OOarr] Wiltshire ;)

Arriving into Paignton at an absurd 6.50 the bus replacing trains was not there- didn't turn up until 07.05 5 mins after departure time! A nice cramped boring journey to Newton Abbot got me in at 6.25.

Got a few photos of the 150/153 combo in plat 1 then the 150 (poor passengers) on the Penzance working. It was nice to see my train was on time as a Voyager pulled in with a service to Glasgow Central via the WCML. Next was my HST, 1A84 the 07.35 Plymouth-Newton Abbot. It was already pretty busy and i managed to find a window seat in the quiet coach. We left a minute or so down, hitting a long 20Mph TSR from Teignmouth-Dawlish with massive swells visible from the window, knocking a good 5 mins out of us. We then passed the 150/153 combo in Dawlish Warren loop as we sped towards Exeter. We were 10 down at Taunton. Then passing a voyager on the down athelney! I was puzzled, recieving a text from Jim saying he had seen it pass through WSB on diversions. We hit another TSR past Bruton by Westbury we were 15 mins or so down. Of the HST went as i met up with Jim and James from another forum.
A good bit of 158/9 and shed nedding ;))) was done before taking a 'walk' 500m up the road.
A while later me and James attempted to get 2 tickets to Trowbridge, with minutes to spare before an additional HST passed through. Somebody happened to be buying a railcard!

Part 2 later.
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