Whaley Bridge dam, effect on local canal.

Discussion in 'Other Public Transport' started by philthetube, 4 Aug 2019.

  1. philthetube

    philthetube Established Member

    5 Jan 2016
    I understand that the dam is a canal feeder, does anyone know if this still feeds active canals and what the long term effects of a prolonged closure of the dam would be.

    Probably stretching it a bit to call it public transport but it was once.
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  3. vlad

    vlad Member

    13 May 2018
    The reservoir feeds the Peak Forest Canal (and so downhill through Marple and Ashton into Manchester and beyond).

    The canal is still very much in use (albeit pretty much wholly for leisure now). However, there's another reservoir above Whaley Bridge (Combs Reservoir) that also feeds the canal, so if Toddbrook were to be drained there wouldn't be any immediate effect. It's very possible there wouldn't be a long-term effect either.
  4. apk55

    apk55 Member

    7 Jul 2011
    There are also other reservoirs that can feed the canal as it is connected to the Macclesfield canal, such as Bosley and Sutton. At this moment I suspect that they have opened the canal feeder valves to the max to help drain the reservoir so all the weirs at Marple and Bosley locks with be flowing.

    As a precaution I suspect they have provision to put in stop planks at Marple if the dam fails and breaches the canal to avoid draining the whole of the Macclesfield canal
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