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What is the best site for me to generate stop timetables?

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2 May 2021
I want to generate the stop timetables for a few stations (including trains and buses) that I use, across different operators, for all services / a combination of services in the same direction.

I have tried Traveline SW timetable generator which gives the nearest of what I want, however, it groups the routes just by alphabetical order and produces a PDF of the "combined headway" with such groups which are meaningless because they are different routes which do not serve the same destinations.

For example, for my home station, Lansdowne (Bournemouth) E-bound, the list of routes, in alphabetical order, are below:
1 1N 1a 1aN 1b 2 2N 3 3N 4 5 5N 5a 5aN 6 6N 13 17 32 50 737 m1 m2 x1 x2 x3 x6.

The PDF generated has the routes listed in the pages:
page 1: 1, 1N
page 2: 1a, 1aN
page 3: 1b, 2, 2N
page 4: 3, 3N, 4
page 5: 5, 5N, 5a
page 6: 5aN, 6, 6N, 13
page 7: 17, 32, 50
page 8: 737, m1
page 9: m2, X1
page 10: X2, X3, X6

so the resulting PDF has little use for me, because routes which are clearly in the same group are not on the same page (such as X1/X2, 1/1a/1b, etc), and routes which are totally unrelated (such as m2 and X1) are listed together. A more logical grouping here will be:
page 1: 1, 1N, 1a, 1aN, 1b, m2 (local services travelling east via Boscombe)
page 2: 2, 2N (services via Springbourne)
page 3: 3, 3N, 5, 5N, 5a, 5aN, m1 (services via Charminster)
page 4: 4, 13, 737 (services via Moordown)
page 5: 6, 6N, 17 (services via University)
page 6: X1, X2, X3, X6 (intercity express)
page 7: 32, 50 (routes which can't be categorised as above)

However, automatic grouping isn't always possible because there are many ways to give groupings useful to the user (for example, if I want to get to Wimborne, I will want to put 6 and 13 together). So, is there a site which I can generate combined timetables with manual route selection at a stop?
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24 Jul 2011
I'm afraid I'm not much use when it comes to bus timetables, but if a custom train timetable would be any use, I'd be happy to help.
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