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Who Trains The Signallers

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8 Sep 2006
Having been involved in the switch over to automatic control rooms on the Northern Line back in the 60’s we were thrust into the unknown in having to deal with multi route push buttons gongs, buzzers and bells going off all around you. But we had the experience of the areas involved. It was just a matter of adjusting to this new type of control.
Any ex signaller was aware of local get outs when there was a problem, so when we discovered these get outs were still there it was just a matter of passing the details on.

Today the operators do not have the background we had where as box lads we operated the frame while the signalman did the crossword?
Working with men that came from the very boxes closed down over the years, you regained the comradre you had all built up over the preceding years and you worked as a team.

My question now is, who trains today’s signallers and what is the teachers background?
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