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Why is 35018 "British India Line" limited to 20 mph through West Byfleet?

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12 Jan 2021
West Yorkshire/Tuscany
I wasn't sure whether to post this on this thread or the "Stations and Infrastructure" one, but a friend of mine who lives in West Byfleet - and frequently takes photos and videos there (YouTube channel: DW's Trains) - has asked me why 35018 "British India Line" has a gauging limit of 20 mph through WBY on the Down Slow; whereas sister loco 35028 "Clan Line" does not. The only difference between the two locos that I can see is that 35018 has a high-sided tender, but the limit seems to apply throughout the curve (normally 60 mph) through the platform and there's no obvious overbridge nearby. Anyone have any ideas?
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