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14 Jul 2019
I cannot find much clear information on this so I decided to post some,

For those wondering, yes it is possible and easy to get work experience on the railway. I cannot speak for other TOC's but I found it very easy to do work experience with GWR and completed a week at Reading Station in July 2019. Here are the definitive steps I took:

1. Write CV
2. Print out and take to Reading Station
3. Hand it in at help desk and explain what I would like, and give my e-mail address (Be as friendly as possible here)
4. Await but don't expect a reply
5. Discuss further details over e-mail

They gave me an amazing week and allowed me to make announcements over the tannoy, sell tickets and answer people's questions. They gave me the same perks as a staff member (as in access to off-limit areas and even a GWR hi vis that they let me keep). You can probably do the same at your local station if it is a decent size.

NOTE: SWR do not do work experience

I also did a week at Paddington station with Network Rail, that i finished 2 days ago. For this I:

1.Emailed CV and cover letter to network rail <[email protected]>
2. Request got passed around for a while
3. An individual who I will not name for privacy reasons made contact with me
4. I asked to go in Paddington, they arranged it
5. Paddington Station Interface Manager made contact with me
6. Discussed final plan

This will probably but not certainly work for other Network Rail owned stations

Sorry that it was a long read, but I thought it would be good to have some definitive steps out there. (I am 15 and was when I did both weeks)
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