Work Experience up Holyhead

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26 Nov 2005
Birmingham, UK
Got to Crewe for the 09:03 service after been greeted by a 158. Got up to Holyhead on this service and had another 2 hrs to spend until i got the Stock back (all the time permission with the guard). Went into the mess room and had a chat with the duty manager. He showed me about dispatching trains and then when the stock came in we got HI-vizes on and setted off. THe driver of it let me sit in the front of him while we set off to run around. As we came back (few photos of me taken) we coupled up and jumped off. I was shown how to copule up and then we prepared for the Virgin to run around. So we walked over and seen how he did it and this time he said jump down here and we'll walk along to the points, so we did and set them and got the train on the way. We finally got back to the stock, i hopped on with the driver all the way to Chester. :D. Alot more than expected.
Not open for further replies.