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Wrong Type Of Wheels...

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9 Jun 2005
... for the Watercress Line's Class 205 ;)


Bob, and Pete on his first day as a shed volunteer, offer up the new buffer-beam for the tender of #45379 prior to bolting it in place. This will stiffen the structure ready for rivetting stretchers and inner frames in position.


Two steam cranes in the yard to replace some wheels on the DEMU 'Hampshire Unit' 205025 - 45-ton to hold up the heavy generator end, and the 10-ton to lift the bogie from its wheels.


All very interesting to watch, but frustratingly "They're the wrong axles; the bearings are a different size, and the wheels are the wrong diameter" - Jim Lawrence tells Colin Chambers (MHRplc Chairman and MD) who was driving the smaller crane.

"We'll have to put the old ones back in" (Movie 2.1MB 11 Jan 06).

Quoted from http://www.watercressline.co.uk/tw/index.htm
Not open for further replies.