Yesterdays 'scream' in London

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5 Jul 2005
Set off from my house with friends at 07:30 to get to leeds for the 08:28 'cheap' MML train to St Pancras (cheers to Yorkie for the help) well the traffic was really bad obviously, and we were going up Leeds Stn's road at 08:25. Cutting it fine eh?

We legged it to the ticket booth in which she said 'right..ermm.e.r.e.rmmm ermmm hhmmm over the bridge across there and down those esculators go on don't just look at eachother!'

so we obviously thought 'sh*t' at 08:27, but by the time we got to the first esculators those familiar engines kicked in and off it went.

To that a GNER customer help person asked us what was wrong eventually sorted us out back down with a Virgin - sheffield catch a MML. Saw plenty of Bubble cars at various depots, got some photos

During his explanation I was mesmarised watching the Leeds IECC. After playing simsig I found it very interesting indeed.

So we catch the Virgin to Sheffield, get a Sandwich get to St Pancras, woohoo.

We caught several tubes around the place eventually to arrive at HMS Belfast after one great Hike. Waste of £8.50 if you ask me (for my mum)

Then we caught a tube to Covent Garden, watched magic, listened to music and whatnot. Went to a Hamburger bar, apart from the burgers being £4.50 they were absolutely delicious.

Then at 19:05 we went to catch a tube to Piccadilly Circus then up to Kings X (don't ask why we went down, then up)

Waiting at Piccadilly Circus we heard the most horrendous scream from the tunnel. Wasn't flange because the dot matric said 'Arnos Grove - 5 mins'

Oh dear, we caught the tube, even at Holborn you could hear this scream!

AFter that we caught the train back to Leeds then caught a pacer to Brighouse, taxi back to my house. Nice trip I suppose.

Pictures later.
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