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8 Aug 2005
Exactly what I thought. Spoiled a most bricktastic moment at Wesbury with four on song at once.

I was not surprised to be questioned by the police who were also there photographing the damage - I pointed them in the direction of my Fotopics site to help legitimise my activities, any chance to plug it!!!

It's all happening at Westbury these days, the pink carriages have been hit yet again as well. Problems were also encountered with a drunk and disorderly person smashing the phone on the platform earlier today.

Also, most oddly some fruitcake* was determined to go on the line to retrieve a penny. This was lying between the rails right where all the turds land. He suggested to me it was fine once washed off and that he had done this before. Nice, that might be in your change tommorow. I was very surprised when one of the platform staff went off to check with the signalman, came back and did retrieve the penny. I suppose this was safer than risking a one under.

* no offence meant towards the mentally ill or those of unsound mind - these people should be cared for properly and not allowed to become a risk to themselves or others. Imagine what might have happened at an unstaffed station.
Not open for further replies.