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York & London

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16 Jul 2006
Hi all,


Had a fab day, London was excerlent, LOVE the tube, its just fantastic!
"This is Liecster Square, change here for the Northern line"
The 442s are realy comfy, i dont know why SWT want to phase them out! But, they are MK3 carrages created into a EMU.

York was also excerlent! The voice of the 185 is realy snazzy! "This is the service to Middlesbrough, Next stop Yarm" I liked it so much, i was realy SAD and recorded it onto my phone! She is saying "Next stop will be Yarm. Please make sure you take all your personal belongings with you, when alighting at Yarm" which is where i got off. Loved every minuet of the day! Some FTR pics also, they are here - http://www.elliottwaters4475.fotopic.net/c1122042.html
Also some realy nice shots of other buses that can be found in York, are on my bus pics site - http://www.elliottwaters4475.fotopic.net/

Also saw a bus crash. The back of a Wright Crusader had a little dent ( http://www.elliottwaters4475.fotopic.net/p35560081.html ) and the car had a big hole through the windscreen! Didn get a picture, as police were allover, and there was a massive queue for the P&R, so couldnt get passed. This picture was a funny one, http://www.elliottwaters4475.fotopic.net/p35560082.html - i caught it on camera, as the destination display was changing. Some realy funny shts like this are rare (in what i have seen)

Any comments? Remarks? Critisims?
Thats all for now
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