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York Signalling school and travelling

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24 Jun 2016
Hi ive just been successful in gaining a grade 2 signaller position and will be starting signalling school in York on October 3rd. Can anyone please tell me whether you are staying at the signalling school or if you are in a hotel?
Could you also be able to explain if you take your car (from Wales for me) to York do you get mileage or do you have to go by train as the train service by me is very infrequent and I want to spend as much time as I can with my wife and son on weekends.

Thank you in advance.
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2 Sep 2013
Everyone is booked in a hotel Monday-Thursday night

You can choose to either travel by train or drive. You'll be given the ticket/paid the mileage (40p per mile when I was at school) whichever you choose.

I imagine at that distance you'll be booked in the hotel on sunday night as well so you can start on monday morning on time. I don't imagine they'll let you drive on monday morning, as NR is having a big driving safety push at the moment. If there's a train on monday morning that gets you to York by 0845, I imagine you can request that.

Edit: most weeks you'll finish at about noon on fridays
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