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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ivo, 25 Oct 2011.

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  1. Ivo

    Ivo Established Member

    8 Jan 2010
    Bath (or Southend)
    My desktop computer, which has not had an active Internet connection for quite some now, is ten years old today. It was an original XP-derived eMachines model, bought the day the XP platform came out for general retail - October 25th 2001. In fact, it probably runs better now than ever before (well, maybe not immediately before the summer)!

    By contrast, I have had two laptops last less than three years between them (both Advent), and my interim one is pretty useless. I am due to receive a new Acer model on the 1st of November.

    So what kind of machine(s) do you use? Do you have more than one as with me? Do you prefer Macs (no arguments about OS vs Windows vs etc please!)? Or... do you just use a Smart phone? And are you planning any upgrade any time soon? Do you particularly lik or dislike anything in particular? ...And so on.

    Just a pooling of ideas really. Maybe if someone needs a new one they could use this thread for reference?
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  3. Madge Wildfire

    Madge Wildfire Member

    9 Apr 2011
    Over there
    Yes, I do prefer Macs but have not had a desktop machine for over 10 years. I bought my first iBook laptop in 2001 and have now just bought my third (a macbook pro).

    The first I gave to my daughter in 2004 when I upgraded from a G3 to G4, and the screen on the G4 packed up in June, so I dont think I have done too bad.

    I do also have a PC laptop, although it was a cheap secondhand model that I bought some years ago in order to be able to run railway simulation software on.

    I hate the Mac v Windows stupidity, as I see various advantages in both systems. It is just that I have grown up with Macs and feel more at home with them.
  4. SS4

    SS4 Established Member

    30 Jan 2011
    Desktop - Self Build about 2007
    Laptop - iQon bought in early 2006, originally had Windows XP on.
    Phone - HTC Desire (Rooted) , Running Cyanogenmod Nightly

    I am a fan of neither Windows nor Mac and so I run GNU/Linux on both the desktop and the laptop, my distro of choice being Arch Linux.

    I do not plan to upgrade hardware wise soon and since arch is rolling release I am always running the latest version so need not update the OS (until I cock up of course!). Consequently I need to ensure any hardware upgrades I may do in the future are linux compatible
  5. chris89

    chris89 Established Member

    21 Dec 2009
    West Midlands (Severn Valley)
    I have a main desktop and a laptop.

    The laptop is an Samsung R519 which is fine for light use etc.

    Desktop though is what i use the most, use games, music etc from specs are:
    AMD Phenom II 965 (Quad Core)
    Gigabyte 890FXa-UD5 (Rev 2.0)
    Corsair Venagence 8gb 1600mhz
    Powercolour HD4870s (1GB Ram) In crossfire
    3x 500gb HDD's
    Enermax Galaxly 850w PSU
    1x 1TB external Drive
    A+ Black Pearl WRC case

    Other things with desktop:
    Logitech G15 Rev 2 (Orange) Keyboard
    Microsoft Sidewider mouse (Original Razer one died after accidently spilling a tea on it)
    Technics SU-V670 Amp with two M71 speakers
    Razer Headset.

    Using Windows 7 64bit and find it fantastic to use, no current planned upgrade maybe graphic cards in the new year but waiting and seeing so far.

    What i dislike about my system, the tempature the graphics cards run at and the noise they produce. Also lack of decent ATI drivers recently and still broken OpenGL 2.0 on some games. Finially the refusal of Fallout 3 to run on the computer without crashing all the time due to ram and OS system.

    Also have a smartphone, but use it as a phone. But it is an HTC Incredible S.

    The Mac vs PC arguement is just stupid, i can see the benifits with both types of systems, i just prefer PC for various reasons and grew up using them. Both systems have people who use them that puts a bad name on either.

  6. generalvegitable

    generalvegitable Member

    5 Feb 2009
    Milton Keynes
    i have a 6-ish year old Acer Power f5 with a 3.4 GHz intel celeron D processor (single core), 1.5 GB ram, a 1GB graphics card, and a 500GB hard drive. it runs windows 7 brilliantly.

    I also have a 3 or 4 year old samsung NC10 netbook running ubuntu 11.04 with gnome 3, and a samsung galaxy apollo (droid).

    As regards to the operating system wars, I like windows (7 preferably) and Linux. I hate everything that apple have come out with.

    I plan to build myself a new main PC soon though, I will be going for performance with a quad core processor, lots of ram etc.
  7. Hydro

    Hydro Established Member

    5 Mar 2007
    Novatech gaming build, i7 950, GTX 580, 6Gb RAM (Corsair DDR3 something or other)...does the job nicely.

    Work give me a Lenovo ThinkPad. Nice enough, but enough restrictions on it to make it head bangingly awful.
  8. HST Power

    HST Power Established Member

    25 Nov 2010
    I have a Presario CQ61 with ATI Mobility Radeon 4200, made by Compaq.

    The graphical capabilities are not great but the computer has done fairly well. I could run RW2 (before the upgrade, not any more), Assasin's Creed, DRIV3R and UK Truck Simulator.

    An Alienware laptop is on my list.
  9. Nym

    Nym Established Member

    2 Mar 2007
    Somewhere, not in London
    Lets see...

    At home, currently..

    Dell Precision 360, mainly a headless server (Windows XP Pro)
    Samsung NC10 Netbook, General Use (Windows XP Home)
    Toshiba Satellite Pro somthing or other, runs simulations(Windows 7)

    Not in use:
    Tensator Call Forward Controller, (VIA 700MHz Atom System) (Puppy Linux)
    Home built (13 years old) AMD Athlon 1700+ System (Windows Server 2000 / XP Pro)
    IBM R52 Think Pad running (Ubuntu 11)
  10. ainsworth74

    ainsworth74 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    16 Nov 2009
    Two laptops and a desktop:

    Laptop 1 (My main computer)

    Kobalt G860 (Kobalt sadly went bust recently)

    Intel i7 M640 2.80Ghz (Dual Core with Hyper Threading)
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR5
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    500GB 7,200RPM Hard Drive
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    Haven't found a game yet that makes it struggle on anything other than ridiculously high settings.

    Laptop 2 (My old computer)

    Acer Travelmate 5720G

    Intel Core2Duo T7300 2.0GHz (Dual Core no HT)
    ATI Mobility Radeon X2500 256MB dedicated up to 1024MB with HyperMemory
    2GB DDR2 RAM
    160GB 5,400 RPM Hard Drive
    Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit

    This was a solid performer for me until I got my new one a year ago. As long as you weren't too ambitious with the settings it handled most games quite well. Still works fine actually only problems are the battery life is now about 5 minutes and it badly needs reformatting but I've lost the disk and can't be bothered forking out £90 odd for an OEM edition of Windows 7.

    Desktop (My old old computer)

    No idea what the exact specs are on this beast as it's last update was around 2004. All I can remember is that it has a Nvidia FX5200 card, an AMD Athlon processor and about 512MB SDRAM running on XP.
  11. 50041

    50041 Member

    14 Dec 2005
    I've used PCs at work for the best part of 2 decades but at home we have:

    Old Dell Dimension - gathering dust
    i5 iMac 27" - for working at home although we use PCs at work
    Core2Duo MacBook Air - for leisure
    iPhone 3GS - phone and portable web access.
  12. Peter Mugridge

    Peter Mugridge Established Member

    8 Apr 2010
    Mine is a custom build, currently three years old - replaced my previous computer which was then about nine years old and was also a custom build. Both were built by the same consultant, in fact.
  13. Xenophon PCDGS

    Xenophon PCDGS Veteran Member

    17 Apr 2011
    The south-eastern part of the North West

    HP Pavillion HPE Phoenix H9-1033UK Desktop PC (6GB RAM)

    My wife

    Toshiba Satellite P750-137 Laptop (4GB RAM)

    Both were newly bought recently to replace 3 year old models of the same make.
  14. causton

    causton Established Member

    4 Aug 2010
    Somewhere between WY372 and MV7
    Currently have a HP Pavillion (I think) A6612 - was 2Gb, now 4Gb RAM and a 2.3GHz Athlon 4450e as my desktop. I also have an Acer Aspire One which is quite nippy despite only having an 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU and 1Gb of RAM...

    Upgrade? Well I'm ordering one on Friday as soon as the cheque from my savings account clears. Nothing special, mind ;)
  15. ralphchadkirk

    ralphchadkirk Established Member

    20 Oct 2008
    Laptop: Macbook Pro 13-inch, late 2009 model
    Desktop: Dell Dimension 3100 (must have been bought around 2006?)
    Phone: iPhone 4.

    I generally prefer Macs to Windows, and I do like Apple products.
  16. Minilad

    Minilad Established Member

    26 Feb 2011
    Anywhere B link goes
    I don't have a desktop machine but have a machine I use mostly at home and one for taking out and about
    My home machine is a Mac Book Pro i5 15"
    My out and about machine is a Mac Book Air 11" which is the dogs danglies
  17. wintonian

    wintonian Established Member

    15 Jan 2010
    +1 for Novatech most of my bits have come from there.

    I have 3 PC's at the moment 2 being old builds and 1 Novatech basic laptop and a MSI wind notebook which is a bit kaput for some rason at the moment so needs looking at.

    My main PC is:

    Asus M4A78TE board
    AMD 955 processor
    4GB Corsair DDR3 RAM
    2 DVD RW's
    2 Samsung F4 2TB HDD's
    1 Diamond Max 160 HDD (the 320 GB failed so need a new one)
    ATI 6850 GFX card
    Corsair 750-HX PSU (most expensive bit and defiantly won't blow up in a hurry)
    Lancool dragon-lord PC-K62 case
    a couple of blue cold cathodes to make it look nice :)

    Need to get the hover out or buy a can of air though, had a look in it a couple of days ago when replacing the GFX card and it was starting to look like it had been in a museum.
  18. starrymarkb

    starrymarkb Established Member

    4 Aug 2009
    I upgraded my rig this year (via Novatech)

    AMD Phenom X6 (running at 3200MHz)
    4GB Ram
    ATI Radeon HD 5750
    1TB and 750GB HDDs
    2.1 Sound
    Fata1ity PSU
    Antec 300 case

    Plans are to get more RAM and an SSD
  19. chris89

    chris89 Established Member

    21 Dec 2009
    West Midlands (Severn Valley)
    SSD's are getting a lot cheaper now, which is very good but im not going to get any for a long time, rather get some Terabyte/ 2 terabyte drives since becoming dirt cheap now.

    For ram suggest looking at,, etc. Since you can now pick up 8gb of ram from around £40 or so now, compared to earlier this year it was £80+ in the case for my ram :@

  20. SS4

    SS4 Established Member

    30 Jan 2011
    Tell me about it, mine was DDR2 to boot!

    Abit IN9 32X-MAX WiFi nForce 680 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0GHz)
    Kingston HyperX 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 6400C4 800MHz Dual Channel

    Samsung 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor
    1 Blu-Ray Reader
    3 DVD RW's

    1 x 500gb Samsung HDD
    2 x Samsung EcoGreen F2 1.5TB Hard Drive SATAII 5400rpm
    Nvidia 8500GT GPU (ancient but since S3K is the height of my gaming I'm good)
    500W PSU. I can't find which one it is lol but it is blue

    A cheap ass case :lol:
  21. sutty

    sutty Member

    15 Feb 2011
    I recently upgraded from an ancient Advent laptop, it was dying a slow death with a good portion of the HDD in bad sectors.

    It was an Athlon 3000+ 64 bit with a radeon 9600 gfx card. I'm going to rip it apart, mount the screen and use a winPE through USB to make it into either a 15" picture frame or mount it into a table :)

    My replacement is a HP EliteBook - what a machine! 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo, 160 GB sATA hdd and 4GB RAM. It goes like the proverbial manure off a shovel, and it looks the bee's knees, which is good for upsetting willy waving laptop warriors on the train :P
  22. T163R

    T163R Member

    15 Oct 2010
    Paris, France
    I hope you meant "my wife's" :lol:
  23. Xenophon PCDGS

    Xenophon PCDGS Veteran Member

    17 Apr 2011
    The south-eastern part of the North West
    Oh dear, an Englishman...with a Polish corrected by a Frenchman:roll:

    But to put your mind at rest, it is only the computers and not my wife, that are replaced every three years.:D:D
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