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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    6 cars would very much be welcomed between Liverpool and Manchester in the peaks, particularly the 0720 off Lime street and the 1622 and 1723 off Piccadilly to Liverpool.
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    Vehicle discussion. The SUV vs standard types of car.

    You pay a lot more for a lot less with an SUV. I absolutely despise them.
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    Alphabetical displays in theatre route indicators.

    On the down CLC approaching MUFC/Trafford Park there’s a signal that gives a main aspect with no route indication for trains toward Warrington and Liverpool. For trains into the platform/container terminal you have approach control and a P in the theatre. Line speed is 85 for diesel and IIRC 40...
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    New northern DMU’s due in 2022 as of yet unclassified.

    Couplers are configured differently. One has the electrical box above the mechanical bit, the other below.
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    Birkenhead Central for example...
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    Manchester Metrolink - Trafford Centre Extension

    They’re starting at Cornbrook. Even if they were starting at Pomona they can’t turn back there.
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    Confused over TOPS multiple unit numbers.

    They all have small batteries for depot shunting and emergency use.
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    Manchester Metrolink....a query on a former Oldham loop line station.

    Indeed. The bulldozers moving in got a lot of driver’s hopes up as that single line section has always been a right PITA.
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    Metrolink coming to Stockport (?) - Shapps

    I would imagine so yes. I’d be willing to bet the salary would become closer to T&W metro levels. I’m not sure how much Sheffield Tram-Train drivers are paid, but I know their normal drivers are on a fair bit less than our £34,000 top whack.
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    Why would there be dark blue on a 365?

    Replaced? Yes. Successfully? Maybe...
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    Cl.142 units fitted with dot matrix displays (note: large images)

    The input panel in the cabs is exactly the same as that on a Metrolink M5000, which does indeed work off distance travelled.
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    Metrolink coming to Stockport (?) - Shapps

    None of that has been decided yet. If it’s done the way Sheffield have done theirs then no. From what I understand they effectively have two grades these days, Tram and Tram-Train, with only the latter having done the psycho tests. The last I heard in regards to Metrolink though was that the...
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    Manchester Metrolink - Trafford Centre Extension

    I love that Cornbrook points are still thought of as problematic when we haven’t had any sort of major issue with them for at least two years. They are actually one of the most reliable bits of the system these days.
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    New Merseyrail Stock - 8 car workings?

    Certain managers are of the opinion that the number received will be 53.
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    New Merseyrail Stock - 8 car workings?

    Indeed. It was always known that some signals around the loop and link would have to be moved. The Southport issue is bizarre though. Will an 8 car set fit in Sandhills Reversing siding?