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General Rules

It is your responsibility to ensure all your contributions to this forum are respectful, appropriate, relevant, legal and accessible. All the rules below apply to all contributions in all areas of the forum, if any content causes you concern, please alert us to it, by reporting it. We have a “one account per person” policy, except with permission under exceptional circumstances.

  • We aim to create a friendly environment for all members, where individuals respect each other. Please ensure your contributions comply with this.
  • Do not post information that may lead to the personal details of any individual being identified without their permission unless already publicly available.
  • Do not post material which could provoke, or in any way discriminate against, any person or group of persons.
  • Do not share Conversations (private messages) on the forum without permission from the sender. If you are concerned about a message, use the report button.
  • When copying others' material you must credit the publication, website and author as applicable. You should use only what is necessary and reasonable for your post. If you are in any doubt please contact us.
  • Please ensure your contributions are suitable for the wide age range we have as forum members. We have a duty to ensure that inappropriate material has no place on this forum, and that content remains family friendly.
  • Please ensure your contributions are, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and not misleading.
  • If you wish to advertise, promote or fundraise on the forum, you must first obtain permission by contacting us.
  • We have difficult moderation judgements to make, which we appreciate not everyone will agree with. Please do not discuss moderator actions and decisions publicly on the forum. If you have any concerns please contact us privately.
  • Moderation decisions may result in us reviewing, editing or removing any contribution at any time.
  • On occasions where we remove content from the forum, this must not be re-published.
  • New threads should be given appropriate, descriptive titles and subsequent posts should remain relevant to the original topic.
  • You should ensure that your contribution is constructive and addresses, as far as is reasonable, the questions or topic being discussed.
  • If referring to an external text-based source, you should put a suitable section of the text in QUOTE tags and provide, as appropriate, details of the source and a relevant comment to promote discussion.
  • If posting an image or video, please provide, as appropriate: a brief summary or description; details of the source; and a relevant comment to promote discussion.
  • If posting a personal suggestion for changes to rail provision, you should make this position clear in the thread title so readers are clear it is not based on the work or aspirations of any recognised body.
  • If starting a thread inviting members to post examples of trivia which meet your specified criteria, you should start the thread title with "Trivia:".
  • Your contributions must not defame any person or organisation.
  • Your contributions must be consistent with relevant conditions, laws, regulations and byelaws.
  • All contributions should be readable, understandable and accessible. You should use the forum's default font and formatting, unless appropriate to aid clarity. Additionally you should make reasonable efforts to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in all your contributions.
  • When replying to other members' posts, place only the relevant section of their post within QUOTE tags, and make your response underneath.
  • Please remember many members do not understand “jargon” (including acronyms, codes and specialist terms). Such terms should be correctly defined the first time they are used in a thread; codes and abbreviations must not be made up.
  • Please respect others' bandwidth; many members use mobile devices and/or have limited data allowance.

Please contact us for further information on moderation policies and penalties.
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