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STOP! EVERYONE OFF! Bus has run out of fuel. 30 Jul 2019

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Viewing thread Death of engineer on Waterloo travelater, 18 Sep 2019 at 15:01
    1. dmutony
      Can I please change my user name
    2. Liam00086
      Hi I need help it’s saying my message is spam and to contact admin
    3. Amair Naeem
      Amair Naeem
      Can I change my username to "BlueWagon" please.
    4. Mojo
      STOP! EVERYONE OFF! Bus has run out of fuel.
      1. Mag_seven
        Oddly enough I had a similar thing the other day except that the bus we were told to get off was reportedly on fire!
        30 Jul 2019
      2. Starmill
        6 Aug 2019
    5. Mojo
      RailUK has been established for 14 years today!
      1. BluePenguin
        That is great! Long live Rail Forums
        8 Jun 2019
    6. I T S
      I T S
      Mojo - how do I private mail you?
      1. mortarman
        Hi Mojo, I would like to change my username, could you advise me on how I go about it please? Thanks
        4 Jun 2019
    7. DaveF
      Is there any reasons why this evening I have received a number of e mails concerning "Your RailUK Christmas Card 2010"?
      I cannot find any post of mine under this topic, what is going on.

      I haven't posted anything on this forum for a very long time and cannot find anything about the above item on this forum,.

      To be honest I am somewhat annoyed.

      1. View previous comments...
      2. Mojo
        It is because, in your personal settings, you chose to receive an email whenever a conversation message is received.
        5 Mar 2019
      3. Articuno
        Hey everyone, back in 2010 we all replied to the Christmas card forum thread and our settings subscribed us to receive reply notifications to it.
        Someone randomly replied to that one thread all these years later and we all got notified for it. The reason you can't see it anymore is because the admins probably cleaned it up. Therefore you won't get anymore notifications haha
        5 Mar 2019
      4. celdor
        Hi, I too got this, & replies which seemed to mean I had re-sent it!!!?. I dont use this "Tiscali" email much & had spam on it 2018. Wondered if it was when talktalk was hacked ,never followed it up it is a "grandfathered" email as I dont use talktalk as my ISP. Changed p'word, but as I forgot the old one dont see how anyone couldve got it.
        Just want to let you know I personally didnt send any emails.
        5 Mar 2019
    8. Mojo
      There’s only one ‘D’ in Advance.
      1. matt
        But 2 in advanced :p
        25 Oct 2018
      2. Billie05
        Hiya sorry to be a pain not sure how these sites work, but felt if anyone can you lot can... I’ve applied for a trainee conductor, I’ve completed the online tests over a week ago but not heard anything... am I assuming no news is good news, or is the timescale longer on these.. cheers Billie
        15 Nov 2018
      3. Tink
        Hi mojo could you message me with some help on the page and changing username. Thanks
        17 Feb 2019
    9. train_lover
      Mojo, could you help me with changing my username please?
      1. Aaron Hayward
        Aaron Hayward
        Im sorry but is there any chance someone could help me change my name i cant even post ahah
        19 Oct 2018
    10. Dot2018
      Hi please check your PM
      1. Mojo
        Hi, l shall. However no need to post this as the notifications already appear right next to each other! l'm more likely to see a PM than one of these messages! :)
        5 May 2018
    11. Ibex
      Hiya, I've just had a message pop up telling me to read the new T&C's in the Announcements forum but I can't see them (I dismissed the alert at first and now can't get find it again). Any chance you could link me to these new conditions? Ta!
      1. Mojo
        No new conditions, it’s just some guidelines, you can find them in the forum called “Forum information and announcements.”
        6 Feb 2018
      2. backontrack
        Hi Mojo - I can't enter any statuses or begin new conversations anymore, only partake in existing one. Please could you help me with this? Thanks.
        5 Apr 2018
    12. Mojo
      Please hold on. The bus is about to move.
      1. BluePenguin
        The wheels on the bus go round and round all day long, which means it might get very bumpy. Make sure to duck a little to avoid banging your head :lol:
        18 Jan 2018
      2. JaJaWa
        Please hold on while the bus is moving.
        27 Jan 2018
        Mojo likes this.
    13. Mojo
      RailUK Forums annual general meeting has concluded. Here’s to another year.
    14. TT-ONR-NRN
      May I ask what your username means? I’ve often wondered...
    15. jonathananders
      Thank you for your message, however I have decided to leave Railforums for personal reasons. Please therefrore remove my details. I have appreciated the welcome and comments, but have decided to leave the group.

      Hope you have a Good 2018
      1. Mojo
        Hello. It is not possible to delete accounts, as we are a free service there is no charge, and it is possible to change your email address and/or unsubscribe from email notifications. If you need help get intouch. Many thanks.
        27 Dec 2017
    16. TT-ONR-NRN
      Thanks for the message :D
    17. TT-ONR-NRN
      Hi, who posted the 3000000th comment? :D
    18. TT-ONR-NRN
      Hey, just wondering what is an album on here? There is a thing saying “Most albums”
      1. Mojo
        Hi, I don’t understand your question. It’s a photo/video album.
        11 Nov 2017
      2. Trainfan344
        12 Nov 2017
      3. TT-ONR-NRN
        12 Nov 2017
    19. Mojo
      RailUK Forums
      1. Mojo
        Why have you posted this on my wall?
        3 Jan 2018
    20. Jaybee111
      hello. how do I start a private conversation with you about my appeal. I had understood that conversations could be started by way of a link under the Inbox link on the top right hand side. However, I don't seem to have that option...
      1. Mojo
        Hi, Private messaging is only available to users with more than 5 posts, once the posts are made then you should have the permission. I can see now you've made 5 posts it should be available?
        17 Oct 2017
    21. dabaus1
      Hi, great forum, I would like to change my username as I accidentally place my full name, can you change it to 'dabaus1' many thanks!
    22. Mojo
      Setting forum permissions
      1. Lrd
        6 Oct 2017
      2. Starmill
        Giving himself permission to like things :p
        7 Oct 2017
      3. Mojo
        Every forum needs a permission defined for every single usergroup. Plus I then have to set up the permissions for every usergroup as a whole.
        7 Oct 2017
    23. Mojo
      Great new facility!
    24. martindbarker
      Hi Mojo,

      I hope you're well. I wanted to ask your permission regarding a project I have that you and some of the forum members may be interested in. I want to speak to you, preferably in private message or via email before I post anything as I don't want to spam your message boards and violate your terms. Just a note, it's not a business project, it's a photography project.

      My email is


    25. tropical1967
      hello, i made a thread and i cant see it. i was wondering if you could help
    26. edwin_m
      Browsing this forum is currently nearly impossible because whenever I view a thread and then try to go back to New Posts, the thread appears to have loaded multiple times. Right clicking on the Back button I get the name of the current page repeated, sometimes over multiple pages of history and sometimes exceeding the length of the history so I can't get back to my original new post search and have to start a new one.

      Seems to be happening here in Firefox but not on another PC with Explorer.
    27. stephenthebobb
      Hello, not sure if you can help me. I have managed to miss off a "y" from the end of my username when setting up my account...
    28. eriks
      Hi Mojo,is there a reason why my posts require moderation before being visible and I cant use PMs? eriks
    29. Olaf
      Looking at one of the IP Addresses, it started being flagged as an abuse source on the 16th February, which may or may not be related to this:

      The IP Address was last flagged four hours ago, so the attacks are still active.
      You site was scanned last night and flagged as being at risk, but has not been blacklisted - at least as of my checks last night.
    30. Olaf
      Hi, Yorkie asked me to contact yourself regarding the RailForums server(s).

      It looks to me like the system has been compromised; When I authenticated onto the forum last night, my router came under attack from the site and from at least two Chinese IP Addresses. The attacks were on the router's service management interface, and may have been successful given that admin actions where performed on it and then went through a hard reset. It have re-flashed the router, but will be binning it.
      I am seeing attempted connections from the website this morning after authenticating again.
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