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    Alcohol Bans

    A standard litre bottle of Vodka is 37.5 units which would equate to £18.75. Even Smirnoff is £16.
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    DFDS launch "brexit bypass" Rosslare-Dunkerque freight ferry route

    It didn’t. See post #12 and someone has already provided a list of ferries that run direct from Ireland to the Continent.
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    New 3-tier system for England

    This ignores the fact that South Gloucestershire is probably in Tier 3 because it is part of the Bristol Urban area and has more links to the City of Bristol rather than the County of Gloucestershire.
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    Black Friday Amazon Boycott

    To be honest I don’t mind where it comes from as long as it turns up in a reasonable timeframe. Let’s face it; it’s probably come from China in the first place! Take an example of something I went to order this morning; a set of kitchen scales. So type in “kitchen scales” and alongside the mid...
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    Train walk round unnecessary waste of time ?

    I’m interested by this activity; is it done in all cases or just by trains that are remotely outstabled? What I’m getting at is would a driver have a walk around in all cases, or if the train is on shed at a maintenance depot could the depot staff do it?
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    Black Friday Amazon Boycott

    Many items on Amazon are extortionate; I wonder if it’s a bit like theTrainline where people just use it for those things because they think it’s cheap. There are however some things that are genuinely cheaper; but some categories almost everything seems to cost a lot more! One of my common...
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    Newly Self-Employed During Covid

    Lots of businesses have chosen to do this; the reason I’m quite unclear of. My boss ordered some equipment for us which had a two month lead time because the factory was closed for several months earlier this year and they had a massive backlog. Unfortunately he needed to order some more in the...
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    Can I / Should I visit the Isle of Wight?

    The difference in this case however is that all the areas near the Isle of Wight pubs and restaurants are still open - just that they must only serve alcohol with a substantial meal.
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    Old Train Sites on the Wayback Machine

    I think looking at the old forum back to its founding in 2005 is quite interesting.
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    Post Covid changes to taxation and spending

    Pushing the problem down the line. Attempting to make it somebody else's problem and get someone else to take the blame for the inevitable austerity and tax rises that will follow. In reality; it's not their problem, it's our problem.
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    TfL ticket machines going cashless

    Yes I meant coins however to mean that it wasn’t paid back onto a bank card for instance - should have said “money” or "cash" I suppose.
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    TfL ticket machines going cashless

    The £5 charge gets added to your balance anyway after a year. So you can still get the remaining balance + £5 back but just have to wait a year from when the card was activated. You can still get your money back by getting intouch with Oyster; it’s just that the refund (max £10) was issued in...
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    TfL ticket machines going cashless

    No it doesn’t. As I’ve already said; the premise of the survey is wrong. All* transactions will still be carried out, but not cash ones. *This will however mean that immediate refunds for cancelled Oyster cards will however no longer be possible.
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    TfL ticket machines going cashless

    It is kind of relevant because that governs accepted payment methods. In any case only Harrow on the Hill is in any of the stations on this line that accepts cash anyway so this proposal doesn’t actually change that. I also can’t see in the NRCoT where it mentions payment types; only how...
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    TfL ticket machines going cashless

    These stations aren’t covered by the TSA (Ticketing settlement agreement) however, which is why it was possible to remove the ticket offices without any consultation, unlike (say) stations on the Bakerloo line north of Queens Park.