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    Most effort/work spent on a railway project that ultimately never happened?

    Although not a railway benefit some costs recovered through aircraft manufacturing in WW2 and reduced costs of bus maintenance over many years
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    Most effort/work spent on a railway project that ultimately never happened?

    Although not a single project.,. Every bid for a franchise costs a significant amount. This cost of failed bids has to be absorbed elsewhere. Over 30 years this must add up.
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    Rail Rovers and Rangers- all missing from National Rail Enquiries website?

    None of the rangers in my area, Greater Anglia, work. National ones do.They are still on the GA site so have not been withdrawn.
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    TRIVIA: Non-authentic trains in films, TV shows and other media

    Not SR stock, they use a blue filter to film a night shot during day time. This turns red to green it's most noticeable here that the buffer beam on the loco is bright red. Therefore the coaches are redish.
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    What were the 5 most controversial closures of the 60s?

    It I understood the OP's question correctly we have over 50 posts and I think on post #35 on the Waverley line has actually addressed the question. Are there any documented cases where: the TUCC meeting was well attended, questions asked in parliament, local councils objected etc..?
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    Light Engine movements / shunts at stations

    Remaining at Ipswich in the early 1970's there was an interesting working very early in the morning, by early I mean 02:30 ish. A train left Peterborough at around 23:30 with both passenger and postal vehicles. At Ipswich it was combined with a train from Norwich which involved a certain amount...
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    Triva: Stations with entrances in shopping parades?

    The west side entrance to London's Liverpool Street station is through an arcade.
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    Sudbury Town Branch 1997

    Now found picture on this page need to scroll down
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    Projected East to West coast new railway - 1944?

    Powell was the author of a book around this time of a book called New Railway Network Principles. I cannot trace this on the internet.
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    Sudbury Town Branch 1997

    1997 was the first year of the Anglia Railways franchise.. AR never had any slam door stock on lease, so the branch was operated by 150's or 153's. However if there was a shortage of stock there was a period around then when a Silverlink 121 was hired in for the branch.
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    Passenger train formations in the loco-hauled era

    For those interested in the Great Eastern area the Great Eastern Railway Society have carriage working books, which answer the question for the area. Well worth...
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    Best railway magazines for news and events?

    If your requirements are for a single magazine for all of Today's rail scene, the in my view Railways Illustrated followed by Railway Magazine would be my top two. The others tend to be more niche down to Steam Days and Backtrack which are 100% historical. At the moment many local libraries are...
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    Most Ludicrous Attempted Closure Ever

    Thanks to @21C101 for both starting this thread and providing the source of their information, the report being availabl on the excellent Railways Archive website: however with a pedant hat on it is actually wrong the refer this to...
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    BR Intercity Network

    Slightly later than the OP's question but by the mid 1980's when I started making at least two return trips a week on various Inter City services there was a diary sized timetable of IC services. The TT may have existed earlier unfortunately I never kept a copy.
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    Transacord Railway Recordings

    Five years ago a web-site was set up to sell Transacord recordings as down loads. Their online store is now closed. The entire Peter Hanford collection is now with the Science Museum Group...