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    The Post-Deregulation Era (1986-2000)

    Mainline (aka the continuity South Yorkshire PTE operator) came close to setting off a three-way bus war hundreds of miles away in Ipswich in 1994. They registered some competitive routes against the municipal Ipswich Buses and Eastern Counties (who I think were still independent at the time...
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    Next Labour Leader - Confirmed as Keir Starmer

    Lots of good news regarding the new Shadow Cabinet: Chancellor - Anneliese Dodds Home Secretary - Nick Thomas-Symonds Foreign Secretary - Lisa Nandy Duchy of Lancaster - Rachel Reeves Health Secretary - Jonathan Ashworth Ian Lavery, Barry Gardiner and Jon Trickett have all been fired...
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    Your longest time spent on a bus or coach?

    I've had two journeys in excess of six hours. The first was a 6 and a half hour journey on the Excel, Norwich-Peterborough-Norwich in January 2017. This was during my short period working for First Eastern Counties, carrying out research and observing the route (I'm not mad enough to do the...
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    FirstGroup: Restructuring and General Discussion

    You're letting your anti-First bias cloud your perceptions here. Apart from FSY, the remnants of Manchester and maybe Essex (but even they are turning the corner these last few months), UK Bus seems to be in a much better place than a few years ago, dare I say it, thriving in some areas...
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    Worst " Bus war"?

    This one didn't seem to make much sense. PB and Stagecoach Ribble coexisted peacefully for years, and then suddenly Stagecoach start flooding the place with new Solos and competing routes in early 2007. PB retaliate with loads of new Solos as well, and then sell up shop to their competitors...
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    Tissue begging on trains

    Is it just me, or is this phenomenon somewhat getting worse in and around London? Just before Christmas I kept seeing this happen on various Thameslink and Southern trains radiating from London Bridge. This also occurred on the Northern Line between Tooting and the Clapham stations, a lady...
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    Greater Anglia Mk.3 scrapping/redeployment

    The MK3s have done excellently well to last this long, but sadly in the last year or so they've really started showing their age. Very much an end of an era on the GEML.
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    Why is Trent Barton better than other operators?

    It still seems strange given NCT have pretty much 90% of their fleet as deckers. Naturally I know there's differences, NCT mostly being city and suburban routes while Trent is more interurban, but surely routes like Rainbow justify more seats overall? As an example from my area, if single...
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    Leyland Olympian Tri-Axle (Ex- China Motor Bus)

    The K-EUX batch saw out their last few years in Great Yarmouth. Sadly, while they were an impressive sight on the roads around here, they were pretty much knackered from 14 years abuse in Hong Kong, Manchester and Glasgow. I think the last of them were withdrawn in early 2010, being outlasted by...
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    Towns without services from the Big 3

    There's a fairly big chunk of North Norfolk which isn't served by any big groups, since Stagecoach wound down the old Norfolk Green network a few years ago. Holt, Sheringham, Cromer and North Walsham are pretty much only served by Sanders Coaches. The furthest north any First service goes is...
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    First Eastern Counties

    Monday 17th February is the launch date for the new Excel fleet, with a brand new timetable incorporating half-hourly short journeys between Norwich and Dereham. Clearly taking the fight to Konectbus' Straight8 service, will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months. I'm planning...
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    Most Hated Bus

    I recall SPT ordering a couple of these for the stationlink service in Glasgow...and then never actually using them in service! Pretty much says it all. Wonder what happened to the vehicles, there's a dearth of photos.
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    Preserved buses which have since disappeared from the scene

    This thread is inspired by the unfortunate saga of GEX740F, one of three ultra-rare Leyland Atlantean single deckers new to Great Yarmouth. It was a regular on the preservation scene in the east of England for over 25 years in absolutely pristine condition. Sadly, the vehicle was purchased by a...
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Just a cheerful jape. ;)
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Not gonna lie, I'd rather have no trains than have a 153. :lol: