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    Adulting GCSE: Things that should be mandatory to learn in school

    I think the big ones for me would be a general "Financial Capability" education which would cover several of things talked about above such as how to understand your payslip and deductions from it, how to budget, what types of current account exist, what insurance products you may need at...
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    Things that used to be common place in people’s homes

    Hmm fair point I can't recall if my fellows who did Dual Award rather than Triple Award also learned how to do it. And as for mandatory Adulting GCSE there's all sorts of things that should be in an award like that!
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    Things that used to be common place in people’s homes

    I was taught (officially, my dad had taught me years previously) how to wire a plug as part of my GCSE Physics in 2005/2006!
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    Mornington Crescent

    Heathrow Terminal 4
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    Mornington Crescent

    Sloane Square
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    Mornington Crescent

    I've checked the rules and consulted the play by play replay in the Forum software and can confirm that Ruislip Gardens is offside so the move is disallowed and @SteveM70 is given a yellow daffodil and is in Nidd. Last valid move was therefore Hatton Cross Sailing close to the wind with this...
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    Mornington Crescent

    Err, you've not really got much evidence of that. Actually sounds like a bit of a self-report to me...
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    Mornington Crescent

    Sorry but Crossrail is wild and I think you're now in Nidd! So that takes us back to Benthnal Green as the last valid move.
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    Thing that I still find unforgivable about that was that they corrupted a younger player as part of their wheeze. I don't want to infantilise Bancroft (he was 26 at the time!) but I can well imagine that if you're at the start of your international career and your captain and vice-captain talk...
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    In some respects, considering a US Presidential election year will easily have over 100m voters, it would be more suspicious if you couldn't find any sign of fraud at all! It would be to neat!!
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    Brexit matters

    So three weeks ago I could buy a car and not worry about where the various components were made (I might want to for environmental, political or other reasons but it wasn't neccessary). But now if I want to buy a car I have to worry about where the components were made? This is a benefit how?
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    New British Passport

    Aha very interesting! That does explain the wording on the old passports. Though considering those days are now long gone you'd have thought that they'd have taken the moment to update the wording for the new passport...
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    Train Sim World 2

    I think that's likely. Looking at the routes that they currently have out and on the roadmap I don't think there's anywhere else at the moment that it would fit 'natively' as all their other routes are too modern. It also surely makes sense to start with something simple for your first outing...
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    Vaccine Progress, Approval, and Deployment

    Apologies but what is a "QALY"?